I'm Gonna Wake and Party Wild at Deca Park! Come Join Me!

So a friend gave me 5 pairs of tickets for their event at Deca Wake Park in Pampanga so I am giving them away!

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takes me back to 2009

please allow me to write this.

For two days now I have not watched the news because of the heartache that I get over seeing and hearing what is happening in the Visayas. More than that the images that I see both over the TV and online reminds me a lot of my experience when Ondoy stuck the metro. Every time that I see those images my hearts beats harder as if I was back to the situation, it thumps hard and there is this feeling as if I am scared of something. I don't know why but it just brings back the memories.

it was not easy to walk on the streets seeing dead people lying around the street, it is not.

I sincerely pray for my bretheren in the Visayas. I shed tears for you.

The Growing Pop Culture In Valenzuela

We've all been a victim/fan depending on how it affected you, of Koreanovelas and I couldn't help but romanticize with the idea of a street full of neatly dressed people, cold breeze blowing and cool places where you can hangout every now and then. I have to mention specially that this kind of perspective was influenced a lot by Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi where they show different places in Korea where you can eat and hangout like small coffee and pastry shops!

Thanks to the University of our Lady of Fatima a market for places such as these was created and yes they have regular customers (like me hehehe) like med students. 

Anyways here are some of the places that I have tried so far that I like... I must warn you most of them are coffee shops! LOL!

1. Tully's 

From what I have found out from doing some research Tully's is a US brand founded in Seattle, Washington that is slowly expanding Market here in the Philippines. 

Thumbs UP:

  • Spacious and has lots of different kinds of tables and chairs including communal tables!
  • Good coffee - not necessarily the best one but its good enough that you wont think that it is not worth the try. Note: I didn't like their chocolate bellacino, it was too bland and too milky
  • Very accessible, just right off the highway across the new city hall
  • Their staff are friendly (at least those that I have interacted with
Thumbs DOWN:

  • I didn't like their Chocolate Bellacino it was too bland and too milky
  • Wifi is terrible, I know it's free but I couldn't get any work done. I regret my decision that night to leave my wifi at home. 
Could be a plus:

  • I stay at coffee shops for long periods of time trying to write and do some stuff over the net and it would be great if they could get a bigger washroom 
Inside by the window
cute wall with frames

more tables with comfy chairs

and yes there are more space upstairs!

big smoking area

2. Roots and Herbs

Roots and Herbs is a fairly new player in the market with a menu that is quite innovative. From the my first impression they are presenting their shop with as a healthy coffee shop and that gave me a bit of hesitation, well you know healthy lifestyle stuff they kinda taste not that good, but when I finally gave in and tried what they offer it really isn't that too foreign to my tongue. I ordered their butterscotch frappe and it tasted great! I just think that they should try a different approach with their marketing so as not to scare some of their potential customers

Thumbs UP

  • Good food and coffee!
  • Cozy shop - if you like boutique shops this one is for you (valenzuela branch) 
  • Accessible - very near to OLFU (our lady of fatima university)
  • LCD TV - if you are alone and trying to work a quick break from your routine can help a lot just by giving the LCD TV a quick peek
  • Clean washroom - the place is quite small yet very clean specially their wash area
  • They are open up to 2AM!!! that is a biggie for me!
Thumbs Down

  • Mosquitoes! I had to constantly shoo them away...  A mosquito light would help a lot please...
  • Since its just right off the highway it's a bit noisy specially if the vehicles are fast... maybe putting in rubber in between the gaps of the glass panel would help reduce noise, keep the air conditioned better (not that it is hot) and keep the mosquitoes away
Could be a plus:
  • So it says that it is a Self Service store, it would be nice if they take their customer's name and call them once their order is ready instead of the customers anticipating about it
  • As always a separate washroom for men and women - but it is quite understandable that with the size of their store what they have is adequate enough
  • The tables and chairs are a bit big for the place maybe a custom made 

SEAIR partners with Muranglipad.com

SEAIR International (SEAIR) announces its partnership with Muranglipad.com to offer airfare comparison to passengers.
            SEAIR, the brand that pioneered commercial flights to Boracay in 2005, is back to offer premium services with fast and stress-free travel to passengers.  Part of its thrust to offer innovative services to clients, is the belief to offer the best value-for-money fares to passengers.
            Muranglipad.com, a division of Triplestar Travel and Tours Inc, provides airfare comparison to all domestic and international destinations, across all airlines. SEAIR clients can now enjoy expert travel advise from Muranglipad.com’s pool of Travel Specialists. To avail of specialized travel assistance, passengers may call the reservations hotline at 849-0100 or visit www.muranglipad.com. Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays and 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays, to accommodate consultations, bookings and reservations.
            Triplestar has 11 ticketing offices nationwide, particularly in Makati, Manila Domestic Airport, Quezon City, SM Clark, Cebu City, Cebu International Airport, Davao City, Davao International Airport, Puerto Princesa, Tacloban and Bacolod. All are strategically located to cater to passengers’ immediate travel requirements.
            To find out more about the new and exciting service, please like SEAIR Facebook fan page at www.facebook/flyseair and Muranglipad.com’s Facebook fan page at www.facebook/muranglipad for updates on promotions. 

Of Dreams, Delusions and Reality

4 months.

That is how long I have been back and working, then suddenly it struck me have I given up on my dream to become a full time photographer-businessman?

It made me think a lot about what has happened to me ever since I left the corporate world? What has happened to my goal? My mission? 

So far I have been enjoying what I am doing on the other hand I have been craving to go out and shoot but I haven't been able to. 

The truth is I am torn between responsibilities and dreams. I guess I have woken up from my delusions. 

Come to think of it maybe, just maybe, I really haven't given up my dreams. Maybe I am just out of focus. Maybe I really haven't given up on my dreams because I am still longing for it and that I am writing this post right now. 

Just Maybe

The First Post That I Lost

I primarily blog because I want to be able to go back to something and see, in this case read about my past, what have I done and what have I experienced. I thought of doing this because I have a very bad memory and I think that I might forget about a lot of things in the future as I get old.

Today, I was writing about a trip and I wanted to link another post about climbing mountains. So I tried to locate the said post about my "near death" experience of climbing my first mountain. I kept on hitting the search button and finally I found a post that has a link to the said post. I clicked on the link and there it was the link is dead. I can't find the post! it is gone! : (

I felt like something important was taken from me, I felt incomplete and I need to find it. I feel really sad.

But there's also this feeling that I have to let go, I can't and I don't want to write about it again because I pour out my emotions on those posts. and that I can't replicate.

right now, I am still thinking about what to do next, but I have lost the drive to finish that post that I was writing as it reminds me of that missing post.

help me... let me know of any suggestion of what you do if lost something, how do you get over it?

MurangLipad.com Offers Help To Stranded ZestAir Passengers

Murang Lipad offers travel assistance to passengers affected by flight cancellations

Here’s  great  news  for  travelers!  Murang  Lipad,  a  division  of  Triplestar  Travel  &  Tours,

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cancellations.  It  services  ticket  reservation  of  all  major  carriers  in  the  Philippines,  particularly

Tiger Air, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia and Jetstar.

            To  avail  of  specialized travel  assistance,  passengers may  call the  reservations  hotline

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             Triplestar  has  11  ticketing  offices  nationwide,  particularly  in  Makati,  Manila  Domestic

Airport,  Quezon  City,  SM  Clark,  Cebu  City,  Cebu  International  Airport,  Davao  City,  Davao

International  Airport,  Puerto  Princesa,  Tacloban  and  Bacolod.  All  are  strategically  located  to

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For  more  information  about  Murang  Lipad,  please  like  their  Facebook  page  at http://

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About Murang Lipad

Murang Lipad, a division of Triplestar Travel and Tours Inc., is a one-stop portal offering assistance in product and

service comparison of the best travel deals. It aims to offer expert travel advice to consumers about airline tickets,

hotel accommodations, and travel and tour packages.

Originally known as Leisure Escape Packages (LEP), a division of South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) that provided

ancillary  travel  services  to  clients,  LEP  spun  off  in  January  2009  as  a  full-service  travel  agency  under  the  name

of  Triplestar  Travel and  Tours, Inc. In 2010,  it was appointed as the General Sales Agent of  Tiger Airways  in the