Back up Plans

Hmmmm... Its the day for back up plans!

Ive been hearing a lot of things these past few days that some or a lot of people's going to resign this year or may be this month!

I just wanna thank God that he made back-up plans for me. I mean, I didn't have any before i went to the states......

My Trip to California was really an eye opener. If not for that trip I would be making ways to study.... if I didn't try to study I wouldn't have any back up plans.

At least now, when I new that he was to leave already I wasn't that much caught by surprise with out any plans or lost in the middle of nowhere.

thank GOD he is GOOD!

Gloria Jeans Robinsons Galleria

Thought that it was going to be just another night of gimik..... But then we met up with some friends (very close friends) from the office... I just confirmed my intuition that one of us is going to resign again!

Hmmmm.. I just thank God that I am prepared for it!

It is so amazing that everything that happened in my life falls into place...

March last year I got to go to California for a business trip and it opened a lot of things in my head... but because of that I miss the opportunity to become a shift manager... I was bitter... well that was before... now I learned A lot

I have now refocused my self to other goals that I am working at... I am just so thankful to God that everything that has happened in my life has been very good.

I hope everything would work out for the best Batch 1!


Then suddenly a fresh breath of air comes along.....

I listened for the first time to Josh Groban's CD and it was really refreshing. It even made me stronger in a way or had given me a a second wind for hope....

one of his song's line goes something like "You are loved its just the way of the world"

that was the air the refreshed me

So What's Next... ?

Gosh!!! I don't know how I would go about this!

I don't know if I should go back to school.... WHY!?

Because our allowance in the office just got cut off into.... I don't know how many portions. :(

I just hope that I would survive another year and sustain my schooling so I could get out of this industry.

I am not ungrateful of this industry... Its just that I don't wanna work at night my whole life... I just hope and pray that I could get a better life... :(

I Believe that there's a silver lining beyond this!