No Pics :(

So, have you noticed that for the couple of blogs I did that there's no picture at all!!!?

I haven't been able to post pictures the past few blogs coz the IT guys in my office took off my access to the USB port. Hmmmmm......... time to find new ways to get those pics into my computer.....Wehehehe.....

We didn't had classes today coz the prof advised that she is very sick so we'll just catch up on saturday. But the thing is I already have plans for the weekend so they would have to wait and reschedule.

I also moved to my new room. I am sharing a house with a couple of friends and it has been a pleasant stay so far. Someone just moved out to get a studio for the both of them so the breeziest room just got vacated. Nice!!!! so I moved in. Its really great coz now I have some privacy and everything and I dont have to think about other people's privacy as well. hahahaha now I can sleep naked like I used to ***** Comfy*****

Melancholic Day

I feel superlazy today and if I am a crazy person I could have resigned already. I feel useless I don't feel needed. I mean, I do my own stuff and all but It seems so routinary. I don't feel challenged with the job that I have.

Help. I need help I need to feel needed. This Melancholy is eating me the whole of me

Look I blooged from home (Bulacan) :D

Ha ha ha ha !!!!! to start things off, It's funny that I am actually blogging with the interface in another language just look at this "Julkaiseminen" I just cut and pasted it from the tab that supposedly is for the posts tab. I wonder what language is this in and it is so weird because I am using my sisters laptop with out any proxies so.... what happened?

Okay, so the last time that I blogged I wrote about the senators that I voted for the elections. They are acually doing good and I hope that my favorite candidates would win :D

on another side let me ask you guys some questions ( just answer by posting a comment).

what are the things that you'd like to talk about? what are the things that you'd like to see on my blog?

I've been reviewing some of the posts that I did and sometimes It gets to a point that I just turn into the same topic. But how can I blame my self I created this blog to help me cope with my aspirations and dreams.

Anyway I will continue to post the same topics but will add more topics that you guys would want to hear or see :D

May 14 Realizations

Good Deeds Do Not Come Unrewarded

By 2:30 PM I went to the nearby public school in my home town to vote. So I went straight up to the second floor where I usually vote. To my surprise my name wasn't there. Then the poll watchers told me that I could go downstairs and ask for the right precint number that I should go to at the stage.
As I went to the stage, a familiar face took my attention. It was my bestfriend from college! Julius Mitiam.

Well we haven't talked to each other for quite sometime already and he changed a lot (physically). As we were talking he explained to me that he is part wait, let me rephrase that he is the chairman of the PPCRVY, the youth arm of the Parish Pastoral Council on Responisble Voting that helps voters locate their precint number.

He wrote my name in piece of paper and gave to one of his staff so that they could look for my precint number. As they came up with the information I knew that I went to the right room. As i tried to depart from the conversation so that I could go to the precint again he uttered "Sandali samahan nakita para madali, minsan lang ako makabawi" and then every thing went back to me.

I remember the time when I used to help this kid with school stuff. I realized that I did made good relationships with my calssmates in way back. It was really nice to see the people that has been part of my life and to feel that everything you do for good is not in vain.
The Vote

So here's how I voted today

1 Trillanes, Antonio IV
2 Arroyo, Joker
3 Zubiri, Migz
4 Escudero, Chiz
5 Recto, Ralph
6 Lacson, Panfilo,
7 Pangilinan, Francis
8 Villar, Manuel Jr

So far all of my candidates are still in the running and not trailing behind the others. Yup you are seeing just 8 cnadidates. That is because they are the only ones whom I think that should be in office..... the others they can think about what they have done.... well I'm still thinking about loren legarda.

Status Check

I am officially sick!

My tonsills are inflammed again and its the second time this year. They say that if you get more than two incidents of Tonsilitis within the year you have to take them out as they could cause heart problems. well I hope that this is the last.

I feel so week and I could barely think. I hope I could blog some more tomorrow.

By the way, Advance Happy Mother's day :D

The Fire, The Clothes and The Scene

Forest Fire

I Just learned last night, when I was watching CNN that Griffith Park was on fire. The most memmorable park that I have ever been in L.A. But that really doesn't bother me that much. What bothers me is that just a couple of miles away the family (Mancanes Family) that fostered me for a few days when I was in the big city lives.

Griffith Park is such a lovely place, on the way to the top of the mountain you'll be passing by Los Felis, a neighborhood of lovely houses situated at the foot of the mountain. On the top of Griffith Park you'll have the best view in town. You'll see the whole city on a bright and sunny day.

I hope that they could save most of the park just so that I could reminise the first time that I was there.

School Uniform

Yesterday , I attended school for the first time in complete uniform. I got to buy old clothes from my girlfriends co-workers since they just graduated and they won't be using the uniforms anymore. I didn't mind using old uniforms because, anyway, I'm just gonna use it for more or less than 9 months only. I didn't wanna waste that much money so I agreed with Rox that I'll just take the ones that we can from her co workers.

Office Scene

I just received an email from the director of International operations of our company that we will be having dinner with the CEO Mr. Beaver Lopez. I wondered what are the things that we would be discussing about, so I asked my operations manager what could it possibly be. Unfortunately, replied with out any confidence as he utter, "siguro tatanungin kayo kung ano ang mga ginagawa nyo". Well any ways I don't think that its gonna be that toxic during the meeting with Mr. Lopez.

The thing that only concerns me about this meeting is that, I am off from office by 9 AM today then I'll be meeting with Roxanne later by 10:30 AM to get her new phone from SunCellular and pick up her ticket for Saipan in Julia Vargas. Once we're done with all of those things I'll be going straight to my 1 PM MCN class which would last till around 6PM.

Now the dilema is will I absent my self from my Class or should I just not attend the meeting with Mr. Lopez. So what do you think?

Goodbye Mitz, Say hello to Singapore now

Today a friend just left for singapore. Trying to look for a better life. So do Filipinos fly out of the country because of poverty or do we just move out because we want a different life.

In the United States, people move from one state to another. So if the whole southeast asia was just like the US a whole bunch of countries that united polically wont be people moving around. Maybe we are just so attached to the place where we were born that is why people moving from one place to another is such a big deal.

I my self would like to move to California because life (the lifestyle) seems to be much better there. The weather is just what I want it to be a bit warm and a bit cold.
But as for now Im surely gonna miss my friend Mitch. She's gonna be far away but I doubt that she would be forgotten.

Hoping to reunite with old friends

I miss my friends from way back college and highschool. I browse everyday on friendster and reminise on the things that we used to do when I was young.

I do have regrets, yes!.... that is part of being human. I regret not being more adventurous when I was younger. Do the things that I can only escape with because of my innocence. Don't you think I've wasted that opportunity?

I am greatful for the way that I was brought up. The way that my parents made sure that I'm going to independent. I greatful to the Lord that He had never let me astray from his light.

I am greatful of that because He has always been my strength in times that I need to be extra strong.

I am also greatful of being where I am now, the path that the Lord gave me.

Nostalgic of the things that I used to do, used to be. but I dont wanna go back there.... I just wanna meet the people that I met and reminise the things we did for fun and laugh at our foolishness.
Growing Up.........
Now that I have grown to be the man that I am. I must face the challenges of tomorrow. To provide my family with the a comfortable life. To give them the best things in life. Teach them to fear the Lord and make sure that they do the same to their kids.

A lot of challenges awaits a man that dreams high. I know that I will face a lot of them. But I need to be strong so I'll just always look up high from the mountain from where comes my help.

HappySlip on TV

At Last! she has been given the media exposure.... I have been following the career of Christine for quite sometime now and yes she is my favorite Internet Star..... I hope she could get jobs there in Hollywood and still continue with the site :D

Random Thoughts

Change, some say that it is inevitable. I believe them. Some that I know change when we parted ways. They change their priorities, change their view in their lives. Some of them disassociated them selves from me.

This is something that has been in my blog ever since, to start with, this is the reason why I started this blog thing. I am working hard to achieve this thing.

Success differs from one person to another. Some people view success as simple things in life, having a family, a child, a simple home. But to some people, just like me, Success is far from that. I think big and I know that I am an achiever, It just takes Faith, time and a lot of struggle.

I try to let each day pass by thinking that.... as Bob Marley.... and as I always quote thim.... "everything's gonna be alright"...... I treat it as a challenge that I must be out of the call center business by next year and into the medical field already in California.

During the last few months I cant stop but think of my future......... how can i get to California next year..... what will I do...... what should I do NOW?.,..... a lot of things actually. But, then I realize that I can only do so much right now. So I just divert my energy to my GF so she can benefit from my Positive Vibes about migrating........ I just hope that she is taking this positively and not being pressured by it instead. Well, one thing is for sure. All of the things that I plan will go into place under the Lord's Guidance.

Dreams are not just Dreams

Hmmmm..... here I am again thinking about tomorrow.

I am starting to think that I am thinking too much.... Am I?

But the thing is at this situation.. I am already trying to slow down on things. I am trying to take one step at a time.

I know that the day will come that all my plans uder the Lord's guidance will come into reality.

I love what I am doing (studying) and trying to love what I do for a living... well actually it is not that bad... so I can say that I also love what I do for a living. Its just that I need to go to a level where I feel fulfilled and I feel that I could only see that fulfillment on foreign shores.