My Manila: The City Through A Brownman's Eyes

There is this place that never fails to inspires me. It is where I run whenever I feel I need to rest my soul.

I call it Manila

This is where the Sun sets perfectly each and every single day,
Sun set at Manila bay

Baclayon Church, Bohol

When you say Bohol the first thing that comes into my mind is, well of course the Chocolate Hills but one more thing that makes me want to go to Bohol is the Baclayon Church.

Luneta Park

Note: Original article was posted on this blog on 2007. This article has been re-written for re-posting purposes. (and to minimize the grammatical errors, I'm not saying there's none now ok!? =D )

On Sunday (07-01-07) I accompanied my girlfriend to the Manila Hotel where she will be attending a seminar for operating room nurses. I really had no business that I have to do there so I left immediately right after we found her co-nurses in the venue.

Manila Hotel which is a five star hotel situated in uptown Manila. Originally built to rival the Malacañang Palace in 1909,  It lies near the famous Manila Bay where a the largest man made park leads off, the Luneta Park.

I started alighting  from the hotel's grand entrance and found my self on the stairs of the lawn fronting the Quirino Grand Stand which were in poor condition.