The Past And The Future

Today, I stand in the middle of the past and future. The year that was and the year that will be.

Looking back I thank the Lord of the massive ways that he has shown how he moves in my life. How he tells that I am here, do not be afraid. He has manifested his presence in so many ways this year things that changes at the nick of time, that only he can do.

I thanks God for letting me travel with family and friends. The experience is truly priceless, from Dad's first trip abroad, an island getaway with friends and secluded beach escape with office mates.

I thank God for giving the chance to work again and validate that I can still do it.

I thank God for my Family.

This year may not be perfect just like any year that would come but we must make sure that we make the most out of it.

2015 is going to be my year for valuing my self and preparing for long term goals.

I aim to shoot more weddings and practice my photography more than ever.
I am to buy a good computer for editing, a backup camera and other things that I need to shoot better.
I aim to save money for my US Trip.
I am to lose weight and become fit.(wag magreact for health reasons ito... ang hirap na kaya huminga)

Lastly, Travel.

Travel may be the last priority for me this 2015 as it will be my prep year for an epic travel across the continental North and Central America.

How about you? What are your plans?