A Travelers Message

Let me start by saying that I don't really know or have even met the guy on the photo but this I tell you he has reminded me of something really important. 

I remember seeing my news feed with him posting photos of him checking in at the airport excited about going on his trip. After that there was silence, while at the office I checked my phone and noticed a photo from his wall it looked creepy and I told my self "parang sa patay naman yan". It was a photo where his photo is on a table and there are flowers around it but it looked as if it was just incidental that his photo was there so I dismissed the thought. The following day, sad news broke out to the travel community, our friend and travel buddy has left us. I was left dumb founded, all along what I was seeing grieving friends already tagging him on their posts. 

I was like in denial for a bit, I was thinking hey that couldn't be! I just saw him posted something the other day! But to my dismay, it is true he has left us. 

It woke me up from being reluctant again on doing the things that I want. His message is simple, Do the things that you can do now, life is short and you don't know when it will end.

Thank you Amer and bon voyage.

A Step Back To The Drawing Board

I had to step back. After a couple of days of dieting and losing a couple of kilos, from 95 kilos the last time that I weighed now I am at 92 kilos. However, I had to stop. I felt ill because of the weather, I felt like I was about to have a fever while coughing and my nose running with colds.

I would have to stop for the moment and find another way how to do this because the diet that I tried doesn't fit me because I have hyper acidity and the acidity of the lemon aggravates my situation causing acid reflux. So yes I have to find new ways.

Any suggestions anyone? please?

Day 1 Getting Used To The Taste

Day 1
Weight 95Kilos

It's my first day. The taste is not that great because of the Cheyenne Pepper but I think I can manage. Towards the end of the day I think my bowel movement improved already. I just hope I'd start loosing weight.

Day 0 My Turning Point

Turning Point

Day 0
Current Weight: 95 Kilos

Tonight I feast on carbs and sugar, as tonight I have decided my turning point with my weight.

Last time that I checked I weigh around 90 kilos and that was a couple of months ago. As I watched extreme weight loss earlier it motivated me to be serious about losing the gut. I've tried to go to the gym for about three months and I lost about 5 kilos in total. Eventually I late focus because of a super busy work schedule.

So here I am now finally taking a stand. I am going to lose those extra pound within the next 6 months.

I will try to go on to diet first to lose a little weight before I go on a more rigid exercise routine and here's what my diet for the next 10 days is going to be. It's time for DETOXIFICATION

Here are my things for my Master Cleanse detox.....

Wish Me Luck!