The recent failure of the Department of tourism's campaign to re-brand the Philippines sparked a national movement for voluntarism to help the department in re-branding the country.

New Image for Philippine Tourism.... what is your take?

Over the last couple of days the twitter world has been flooded with messages talking about how the Department of Tourism failed to impress the tourism sector and even stating that it is still open for consultation.

The DOT recently launched the Pilipinas Kay Ganda campaign and nobody or at least the private sector is not happy with it. Questions like why is it in vernacular? it doesnt mean a thing to foreigners, its not that catchy.

Being compared to the WoW Philippines campaign which was even considered as one of the most recallable and strong slogans there is in an tourism congress. It was not strong enough to even catch the local tourists interest and excite them.

I personally think that Ace Durano should be hired back. I believe that we need a young and dynamic tourism leader. I like the way he promoted the Philippines when he was secretary.

So how about you? what is your take on this? how do you want the Philippines to be promoted? or are you satisfied with the Pilipinas kay Ganda campaign?

Intramuros: Fort Santiago

If there's one place that you would just have to visit here in Manila and you'd like to learn more about history the best place to start is right where it all started...... Intramuros!

Revisiting Manila Series (Part 2)

So there I was standing across the vast sea of at the middle of Plaza Miranda right at the middle of fortune tellers, faith healers and vendors that sells spiritual stuffs.

I was there thinking where to go. Lost as I am, I turned three sixty and gazed at what was around me.

My foot took me to the towards the street leading to Carriedo station of the LRT. Just below the station I had a good look at the Don Roman Santos Building which is much popularly known as Prudential Bank building.

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