GIVE: Ifugao

About a few months ago I asked some people if they could help us bring some smile to the kids of Ifugao and some did help us accomplish our goals for our mission.

We wanted to REWARD the children of Ifugao who go to school despite the difficulties in life, with shattered slippers, empty stomachs, broken bags and torn notebooks

Because of your generous donations we were able to reward over 300 children from the school of Alfonso Lista, Tulaed, Caraga, Mayoyao, Hapao, Bangaa

While making them feel special by giving them their new school sets and slippers we also reminded them about protecting our heritage which are a part of their daily lives, the UNESCO World heritage sites of The Rice Terraces.

this is an actual photo taken during the gift giving. Taken by a Samsung Corby phone 2MP camera

The reception of the schools were so over whelming as some of them prepared programs to thank for the gifts we have brought. 

My favorite presentation was the one at Baang Elementary school where it felt so surreal and I had goosebumps at the children sang a HudHud, which is a traditional epic song of the Ifugaos. Here's a video of their presentation I know that the quality of the video doesn't give any justice to the performance but here it is anyway

Again thank you so much for helping us bring smile to the children of Ifugao and educating them as well to the importance of keeping our heritage alive. We'd also like to thank the office of Board Member Celemente Bongtiwon, his great staff Maureen and the best driver in Ifugao Paggad! As well as to our three very willing impromptu volunteers Marek, Hofo and Magda, you guys are awesome!
Till the next GIVE outreach program. 
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Byaheng Palos

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Journeying Pinay said...

nice one Ian! hope to travel with you again soon. thank you so much for this and for your time. :D