Short Haul Holidays: 10 of the Best Waterparks

We can’t all jet to Wet ‘n’ Wild in Florida, or Atlantis in Dubai, but Direct Holidays offers mean that our next short haul Turkey, Cyprus or Tenerife holiday is just that little bit more affordable.  A high paced, thrilling waterpark is the highlight of many families’ holidays.

Aquatic Park, PortAventura: a short haul tropical paradise, and a guaranteed favourite among youngsters. Junior slides and thrilling chutes make this a fab attraction for all ages.

WaterWorld Waterpark, Ayia Napa Cyprus: a waterpark based on ancient Greek mythology. Ride the Fall of Icarus and more.

Siam Park, Tenerife: Tenerife’s own ‘water kingdom’, located in the Costa Adeje region of Tenerife. This Siamese themed attraction is owned by the highly acclaimed Loro Parque group.

Adaland, Turkey: without doubt, the best aqua resort in Turkey. Offering three days out in one, Kusadasi holidaymakers can enjoy Adaland Waterpark, Dolphin Park and Seapark.

Aphrodite Waterpark, Paphos Cyprus: the Aphrodite Waterpark is a fun-filled pit stop at the heart of the cultural centre of Paphos. Treat the kids to a chilled out stint on the slides.

WaterPark, Faliraki: the ‘biggest waterpark in Europe’, WaterPark in Faliraki is the only attraction of its kind in Rhodes.

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark, Limassol Cyprus: popular with tourists and locals alike, Fasouri is aqua based fun for visitors to the laid back resort of Limassol.

Aqualandia, Benidorm: ride the Big Bang or swim with dolphins – the choice is yours at this waterpark cum marinelife attraction.

Caneva Aquapark, Lake Garda: black holes, waterfall jumps and crazy rivers; Caneva is an alternative day out in the relaxing Lake Garda region of Italy.

Western Park, Magaluf: a simple waterpark with tens of attractions, to keep the tots, tweens and teens of Palma Nova and Magaluf entertained all day.

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They say that when you dream about death it symbolizes a new beginning. True enough I have dreamed of it quite a few times and a new beginning did follow. 

After being hospitalized for about five days and some rest for a few more, I finally came back to work, but the night before I was suppose to work again I felt something, I felt as if I was about to die. I thought that it could really be my last day on earth so I wrote up a Last Will and Testament assigning my stuff (hahaha as if it's a lot).

The view that I ain't gonna miss 
I felt at peace after writing it down and so I slept. The following day I woke up (late) and headed to work. My supervisor wasn't there and I was on my own. My access to my online tools to help customers weren't working and was just giving me a prompt that because of an extended time that I was out the access has deteriorated, or something like that.

I asked for help from some SMEs but to no avail, my access was blocked.

My supervisor came and tried to talk to me and left. She just left me hanging there trying to make things work without telling me that my access was intentionally blocked.

After several attempts I gave up and told her about the situation. She joking said "Kase Mateterminate ka na" (Because you will be terminated), that really didn't came out as a joke for me being someone who just came in from hospital confinement.
We talked about what happened why I wasn't able to advise for two days. I really don't wanna go into the details of our conversation, but the way she spoke to me is just appalling it was no way near how a supervisor should speak to his/her subordinates. One should treat each employee with respect and dignity, hindi yung parati ka nalang nakasisi sa ahente, remember that what your employee does is what management thinks that you do. When speaking with a subordinate you should make them feel that both of your share the responsibility and please DON'T LIE KUNG DI MO KAYA PANINDIGAN.

My TL told me that another department filed a memo because of something I did and then later on I heard her speak to someone over the phone that she is retracting the paper and that she is the one that filed. COME ON!!!! ano ba talaga... ang hirap kase nagmumukha kameng tanga eh di naman talaga... tandaan kung di kayang maging consistent sa pagsisinungaling wag magsinungaling. ALSO, don't do actions that you can't OWN, gagawa ka ng isang bagay di mo naman pala kayang akuin ang responsibilidad at ang bigat ng implikasyon nito? KAMMMEN!

To be fair, Mabait naman yung TL ko (on a personal level) but bait doesn't get you any farther when it comes to your career.

Hmm.... now that gives me an idea.... going back to an agent level gave me a different view of being a supervisor. How about writing a book about supervising people. what do you think?

Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis - The quarterlife crisis is a period of life following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the late teens to the early thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult. The term was coined by analogy with mid-life crisis. (Wikipedia)

I guess that is what I am going through right now. But for me I know what I want to do and I accept the facts that it may take time to get there, but still I am no where at least a quarter of where I want to be. Things aren't working out for me no matter what I do. Crisis. 

I feel like I am trapped, but I refuse to stay at this state. I will succeed 

Renewed Dreams

I just got back from the hospital after being confined for over four days and because of the nothingness that I can only do ( well not exactly nothing as I can still watch TV) my mind was forced again to go into this endless state of realization. Nakakainis din minsan pag you get to realize your life a lot because you realize that nothing much really has happened so far. 

Well ano nga ba mga napagisipan ko habang nakaconfine ako?

Ever since the day that I became single free again, I have been constantly contemplating on whether should I permanently immigrate somewhere else. Not that I have a solid decision now but it made me lean towards moving out permanently. I can always go back here but I would not always have the opportunity to relocate. 

This is final, I really don't like what I am doing right now. I am back in the call center industry, yes, unfortunately. I don't earn that much with my photography, just enough but it keeps me happy and challenged. It gives me an answer every time I ask my self that is what I'm doing important or do I just have to this, and every single time the answer I get is because what I do is important and I like what I am doing. 

I miss my friends. My real friends, konti lang sila yung isa pasaway pa pero I miss them. 

I just wish I could make my renewed dreams come true soon.

How To Win Raffle Draws.

Have you been joining raffle draws and and have not won any one of them? Starting to get frustrated? well let me share you the secret that I have perfected after two decades of preparation.


Hahaha... I was just kidding. What I really wanna share with you guys is about the series of stroke of luck and bad luck that I have so far.

The luck came mid of this year when I won the's Jamba Juice raffle. I wasn't actually wanting to win but voila! I got two gift certificates for two servings of Jamba Juice. And yes it was the first time ever in my life to win something in a raffle draw. Yes not a single instance ever in my entire existence!

image from source

After a couple of months I got lucky again! and guess what this time!? I got one year FREE membership for my Flickr account! hehehe... Guess that takes care of one of my annual maintenance bills. hehehe thanks to Audrey of

What I did? I just liked and share a page that is it! then after a while I received a message from Audrey and then came the Email!

With matching announcement sa website pa iyan ha! hehehe

So yeah you could say that I am really luck this year. But what I am thinking of is this what was given in return of the badluck that I am also getting this year?

Just to name some I have to cancel three trips and miss one flight (trip didn't push through anymore) so far. I hope that the trips left for this year wouldn't get as unlucky as the past few. 

Anyways I am still happy of these blessings that I got!