Weight Loss Struggle: How I Learned The Difference of KCal and Cal The Hardway

It has been proven that every time I get my self to work in a corporate..... well... call center setting that I gain weight, that is a fact. Of all the times that I have gain weight this is the worst weight problem that I have encountered.

When I started working for my current company I weighed about 180 pounds with clothes on. Today, I last weighed my self at about less than 200 pounds.

I am really alarmed with my weight and I am really worried. Each time I fly I feel this difficulty of breathing when I slouch, I can't sleep with my seat reclining on a plane. It feels like my stomach is pressing hard on my lungs and heart causing the shortness of breath, even if I have stopped smoking casually for months now. I have difficulty tying my shoes or reaching for the edge of my pants to fold it the way I want to.

It is scaring me.

I don't want to die fat.

I tried and still trying to go on a specific diet and because I have a hyper-acidic stomach, I cant make my self starve or go on a lemon juice like diet. As per my doctors advice I can now only drink either Milk or Water. I actually have dramatically dropped drinking sodas, like as in rare. I do not crave for it when I eat.

Instead of Tea Drinks that are high on sugar I cut down my rice intake and alter my lunch food with sandwiches instead of full meals. Since that I cant take anything but milk, I keep my self hydrated in the office with at least two packs of Oishi Oaties.

This milk product is called Oaties because it has finely ground oats mixed with the milk. Then one time out of now where I decided to look at the label and read the nutritional facts. My jaw dropped I was chugging down two packs of 200Kcal a day that is a total of 400,000 calories a day!!! Mind you the recommended daily allowance each day is just 2,000 calories. I stopped by that time I have gained at least fifteen pounds.

Now I continue my battle, I am even thinking of consulting a doctor because maybe there is something wrong with me that no matter how I go on a diet or exercise for that matter I would still gain weight. Well I hope nothing serious.

I am going back to they gym to run at least 45 minutes a day. I will try to work more on my diet... though I don't know what to eat anymore. Seriously, I am scared now at this point.

I hope that I could lose weight soon. Not just for my looks but most importantly for my own functionality and health.