Vertigo and Migraine

Earlier, I went to the doctor coz I was really feeling dizzy and really not well. So after getting some rest, I met up with Roxanne and went around Robinson Galleria and eat and play with Alexie.
After a while, coz I was really getting dizzier and exhausted (unlike the usual) I decided to go and see the doctor earlier than scheduled. I asked my girlfriend to come with me inside the doctor's office coz I wanted to make sure that I could tell the doctor all of the things that I had been complaining about the past few days.
After the intensive interview with the doctor, talking about how and what am I feeling. After some test it was confirmed that I have Paroxysmal Migraine and Vertigo.
Paroxysmal Migraine.
It starts every time I smell something or see the aura's around the lights. At first I thought that It was the reason or the disease it self. But I was wrong those are just the signs that I am going to have a migraine attack.
I am super sad coz I have this life long disease that I have to carry, but moving forward I have to accept that I have to deal with it.

Unlike getting dizzy (which I thought I was experiencing before I went to the doctor) Vertigo is when you feel that everything around you is moving while with getting dizzy it feels like you are moving though you are not. Well that explains why do I always feel that there's an earthquake happening.
Well, like I mentioned I have to deal with it, there is nothing that I could do more. The doctor told me that I got these because of stress and too much work and study. So from this point on I'll try to balance my life and slow down a bit.
The doctor said that I should have a balance active lifestyle. She explained that even if I am awake, working and studying more than the usual it doesn't mean that I am living an active and balance life. she said that I should take time relax, exercise, read, socialize.... In other words try to be more normal than working my brain out of my head. Well, I'm going to take her advise. I'll go back to swimming and read some books that I have, of course that is aside from the books that I have for school.

Updates Part II

Ha Ha! It seems that its getting more difficult to find time to bl0g now-a-days. Well here's Updates Part II for all of you guys.

This half of the month I got diagnose with vertigo and migraine. The doctor says that its because of stress. you can read all about it below.

I also decided to bring back the old layout of my blog since I figured out how Multiply could work for my advantage already and I dont have to get tired of programing my page to put my photos in the page.

In the office? It has been really tiring as well. The pressure to meet targets are really high and every one is really stressed out.

At school, we are almost done with our 2nd trimester. We only have several subjects left then its sem break already. on our third and final trimester, we will be heading to the hospital for our Clinical Experience. We will be putting all the theories that we have learned into action.

Hope that I could blog some more and share more things to you guys. I also hope that you could visit my multiply site which is

Rice Again

About two days ago, I decided not to eat rice again.........

I started not eating rice last year, on the second sunday of January. I felt so fat at that time and was already not feeling good (Medically speaking). I was dizzy a lot of time and back pain was there more often.

After a couple of weeks in the diet, I started feeling better, the backpains that I was complaining about is gone and I ironically I felt more energized.

But then came a point that I missed my good old friend (hehehehehe syempre yung kanin!) so on the 3rd week of July I started eating rice again. It felt really good to eat rice again, so good that it almost felt like a comfort food.... hahahahaha!

Anyways, aside from quiting from eating rice again I am also into quitting smoking. My gosh! am turning to be this boring person that I am imagining? But then again I would rather turn into a boring person than to live with COPD.
Anyways, the point is I am trying to be live a more healthier lifestyle. I hope that I could do it so that I can have a better feel of my self...... I think you could say to gain more confidence.


Gosh! It has been a while since I last logged in to my blogspot account coz

#1 We just transferred to our new site which is in Meralco
#2 because the IT guys in the Meralco site took all of the internet connections out from even us supervisors

Anyway it has been really feels nice to be at home. here in my home.... blogspot. I feel more comfortable blogging with this machine with reasons I dont know. may be because it is easier to blog in here, okay may i'l just put it that way.

Going back to the move to meralco it has been really nice since we are far away from all of the stress that the streets of ortigas gives us. The bad thing is that there are no convenience store that we could buy stuff in cases of emergency.

But the best thing that I got as a benefit from this site is that I cant buy any "yosi" any where.

there's a lot of stuff going on in my life. I'll try to post something may be before the week ends.

Wait before i forget. I really wanna post this thing. I just watched Sharon (a tv show here in the philippines) talking about being positive and how it would help you achieve your dreams. the guest in that show said we should write about the things that we want to achieve and mention it everyday and it will come true. I hope that I am following the things that they said on that show by keeping this blog. I know that I will get to be where I wanna be.


Why do I dream? Why do I dream a lot?
Do I dream to the point that I knowit would just remain a dream?
Do I dream too much?
Are they all gonna come true?

Waves come in, waves come out….. hear them rush to your feet
Feel the sand on your palms…. Stare at the stars that covers the sky
Feel my heart, feel me breath, feel my emptiness, fill me in.

May Liwanag Ang Buhay........... Meralco Site

Finally! We have transferred to our new home! The BSC Building inside the Meralco Compound. It has a few disadvantages. One, is that we have to walk from the gate to the building by 12 AM because the security people wont allow cabs to come in. Another is that there’s just us who stays in there meaning no neighbors at night.

But there’s a lot of good things here in our Meralco site as well. I have to mention that food here is very good. When we were still in Robinsons Equitable Tower, I can bare not to eat because the food is really awful, but in here you just cant help but eat a lot, well you can see it on by body built! Lolz.

So far we are a very happy family here…… well except for the fact that we are experiencing a lot of downtimes, everything is considered okay.

I hope that we continue to be happy.