Life as a bitch is over DOG!

it has been about a week now since I transferred to my new campaign and today is the last day for my old campaign. I have been going through a lot of struggles and I hope that I doing progress when it comes to coping.

The thing is, before I decide and act as needed but now I have to inform my superior (which I don't have any problems with) and wait for the result. Maybe I am just used to taking action by my self and the act of waiting for the outcome is killing me.

It feels like I have been demoted. I don't know! I dont wanna hurt anybody's feeling with that statement but It feels like it. I am not even begging to be promoted either but if it comes along, I would think about it first.

You see that is the problem. My situation with my previous campaign is very unique. I get to decide matters on my own. Talk with the client if I have some issues to resolve. I even get to be involved on management issues and not just supervision issues.

I have been practically a manager for the last two years and now I'm going back to my old life as a supervisor.


I went home in Valenzuela today because I need to play (music) for the first part of the mass as Kuya Eli will be late coz he's coming in from school.

As I arrived at the church it rained hard. And I was thinking because it was raining may be Kuya Eli wont be coming to church to finish the shift and I really would want that to happen. But thank God the rain did stop and kua Eli was there on time.

I went home but passed by the buko stand near the church. It was nice to savor the things that you are used to. The fresh taste of buko makes me remember that I am at home, I could never taste the same buko juice anywhere else. And as my girlfriend would say "Kasi naman baby, Probinsya nanaman yang lugar ninyo".

So I got home and took the key from my aunt who was living at the house near by. When I got in, I saw the house was really in a mess. I tried to clean up as much as I could but then again, I can only do so much. But at least the house looked a bit breezier now.

One thing that I realized when I was cleaning the house I need to learn not to be attached so much with something. Like friends, officemates just like how should I not be so attached with the trash that we have in our house. My gosh! I haven't realized that we have so much trash in our house that we have.

Lesson learned. never get attached or else it will break your heart.

How About Today?

Have you ever felt alone while youare at a middle of a crowd?

It feels like that today. I guess today is "the bad day part II". I got to school for my grand return demo on nursing skills a bit late but it was okay sinc the panel was taking a break so it was no big deal at all. I did really good with an averaged score of 82.5 across all the panel judges.

Here's where the heart break comes in. The dean spoke with me regarding my grades. I have a subject that is a bit low and another is almost failing and we are just waiting for the the last set of grades to confirm if I am really going to fail.

I was disappointed, frustrated and CRUSHED! this wasn't i was expecting. I have worked so hard to study and I'm getting average grades!? But I will hold on and keep on studying.
I just can't believe it! The same day that I got the news about my grades is the day that I received a text message that one of my agents is going to resign. I value so much that agent because she helps me a lot with the daily tasks and I don't know if I could handle the programs that I have if I don't have her.


I have spent the last two years with this campaign and it has a lot of programs that only I handle. Since I handled this account I had never gotten any rest.
Sometimes all of the programs run at the same time. here's the run down of the programs that I manage

  • AAA
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Sierra Service Stations
  • Pepboys
  • Martindale Hubbelle

and now they are to add another program CS4E! the thing is that it is a sales account, I have never handled a sales account since two years ago! hmmm more that excited I am nervous about this. I am not only expected to multi-task but to stay productive. No Pressure huh!?

Two old friends, who meet again!

When was the last time that you met your friends, say from Highschool?

I graduated highschool on 1999 then after that I lost contact with my friends from highschool. So, I had to make a new set of friends this time from college.

I have been in touch with my college friends and actually see them at least once a year or everytime there is an occasion in their town (bulacan). Unlike with my friends from highschool i do not have any news no connection or whatsoever as in zilch, nada zero!

Then one day, was invented...... whoooooaaahhh now i can connect to more friends since they are just a message away. But I guess not for my highschoo friends I can't find most of them on the net. Maybe they have changed their names inot nicknames that are much more cooler huh!

Until I found a classmate on the site. The best part of Friendster is that you can search for more friends on your friends list of friends, its basically a networking site met for that specific purpose..... finding and getting intouch with your friends.

The other day someone viewed my profile and my habit is to check the profiles of those who view me. so I went to this persons profile page and something was really familiar. She (he is a straight gay) is a performer in "The Library" and a bunch of other good bars.

The name on the page was Mavey Cleofas. I remember having a friend named Marvin but not Mavey. So could they be the same person that I am thinking of? To kill the anticipation I sent a message to mavey saying "Mavey? Marvin Cleofas is that you!?" and yes she replied "Yup, Malaki na ba ang pinagbago ng mukha ko? Well yeah her face change a lot because of some plastic surgery I guess, but its okay coz the outcome is really good.

Anyway, she asked if we could go see her on one of her shows, she on the stage at the library every friday. I just hope that I could go and find time to.

School Days Are Happy Days

It's June and this is my first post for the month............ hmmmmm.............. why do I keep on saying that every month? lolz..

Well school (regular) is back and the traffic in the metro is back as well and the school rush is hitting on me as well.

Last weekend I went to visit my family in Valenzuela to spend sometime with them. It was nice since that I was able to see most of my relatives (father's side) coz it was my Tita Gigi's birthday so she hosted a lunch party for all of us.

as usual I was busy for church on sundays, I practice the songs that I will be playing for the mass. I went to church about an hour early so I could use a somewhat more decent keyboard since both of my keyboards have busted keys.

later that day I just chilled in our house and watched some TV. After resting for an hour we then went to Fatima Medical Center where my sister is confined. She was suffering from an inflammed kidney thank God she's been discharcged last tuesday.

Monday, woke up really early so that I could still review for my finals that afternoon but then everyone went out early so they had to ask me to bring my 3 year old niece to school, pay the electric bill my self and buy some chicken food.
wheeew!!! it was really tiring the result? I got to school really late! but then everything went fine.