The New Yahoo! Home Page

Just this morning about 6:42 AM here in Manila and 6:42 PM EST I was browsing through the internet using my wireless broadband (which I really like btw), I accidentally typed in instead of my usual direct to the mail address of

To my surprise Yahoo! got a new face!
I knew that yahoo was getting a face lift and that its gonna be a lot different from the previous but I did not expect that it would be like this. I had a sneak preview of how its gonna be and I didn't like it that much because it was like taking so much features away from its predecessor. It was very minimalistic and simple to the point that it almost looked like it was boring.

The Yahoo! homepage has evolved so much over the past years adapting to the current trends that the internet is dictating. But at one point in time Yahoo dominated the scene.

Way back a survey was done and people was asked what do they think about the internet, most of the people answered that they thought that Yahoo! was the internet. Yahoo! gave us the most coveted and almost always imitated homepage where everything was sorted out.

Today Yahoo is struggling to get back on the top of the game. On recently released news it was said that Yahoo! had partnered with MSN, nope they did not say if it was a merger, to deliver more compelling services that would rival Google.

I hope that this competition thing would be the best for all of us and give us more services that would help us in our daily living which is the ultimate goal of technology.

Techie Mom

Today, my mom asked me how to sign up for multiply so that she could make a site for her organization, Valenzuela Persons with Disabilities Federation Inc. It is a nice thing that my mom is very much open to new technology and that she wants to learn how things work.

I taught her how to sign up and showed her how to post things online. But of course since she is not getting any younger she tends to use her "where is that thing" techniques so that she could get things done much faster.

But I thought that how is she going to learn if I am just to give in on her every request. She wouldn't learn if I just do the things for her.

But at least she is not afraid to new things in fact she loves it.

Anyways I will continue to help her build the site so that she could help more people with disabilities.

I would also like t commend her in her effort to raise social awareness about the rights of disabled people through programs like the one that just concluded held at SM Valenzuela titled: Valenzuela People with These-Abilities.

So if your parents ask things about how new things work, be glad that just means they are keeping an open mind about things and that they'd still would want to learn.

the start

This is the start of the rest of our lives.

We have been waiting for this for the longest time, our patience almost ran out.

There were no more tears shed as we part knowing that this is for the best for the three of us.

Cross Posting

I have been posting a lot at my other site ( only to find out that the cross posting thing isn't working.

Well I don't have plans of copying and pasting the posts that weren't cross published I'll just let it be. But I'll try to make sure that it does get crossed posted.

I think its working now. The post below is a cross post