Baguio International Arts Festival Weekend (Part 1)

It was a blessed morning, I woke up ate breakfast and my mom asked me the best question she ever asked  me "I'm leaving for Baguio this afternoon you want to join?" of course I said Yes!

We left our house by lunch to meet up with her friend Choi who generously provided our transportation. They are actually on a business trip to present to prospective client at the city of pines. It was a long drive ahead of us and our car kept on over heating because of some air conditioning or electrical problem so we had to stop several times at gasoline stations.
On the way up to Baguio as the sun sets.

Paete Artist's Cross

I was able to visit the town of Paete just this Summer. I was amazed with the number of craft shops that are lined up on the promenade leading to the church.

We went inside on one of the shops which is also a coffee shop and gallery. Inside the gallery I found this golden cross depicting the crucified Christ.

As I look at the cross I felt like it was telling me look at me I am your God, I am grand and powerful. But I am here crucified on the cross because I love you.

Laguna Church Series: Saint James the Apostle Church

The Artisan's Church: Saint James the Apostle Church
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Located in the town of Paete in Laguna, a town known for its people's talent in carving, the church's facade will welcome you with its intricate desgin carved by the town's locals.

US Trip Series: AIR BORNE Somewhere between March 18, 2006 (2200 hrs Mla) & March 18, 2006 (0800 hrs PST)

I was thinking of including this portion of the trip on my second post for the series, but what the heck, Its 12 hours of non-stop flying there must be something that I could write! Right?Anyways....

So we were the last ones to board since we were flying economy, plus we were seated second from the last seat at the back. The seat was okay since there's only the two of us traveling and the best thing is that even though we got to check-in late we still managed to get a window seat. How? I begged the check in officer to reserve us the seats because we still need to get our ticket outside the terminal and there's a big chance of somebody taking it, I told the officer "please sir, pa reserve naman po ng window seat first time ko po kase mageroplano sige na po..." (please sir, reserve us the window seat this is my first time to ride a plane).