I'll get there..... just wait.

I have been awake since 4:30 this morning and I have been surfing a lot... getting a bit tired now... still have work tonight....

I get to be inspired a lot when I surf. I see a lot of things that stimulates my imagination and takes my thinking into new dimensions.

It gives me hope but at the same time it gives me this feeling that I am left behind and that I have to move now.

I am not in the same situation that other people are in which makes it easy for them to do what they want to. But then acceptance is a virtue that should be learned.

I will work my way to the place where I want to be, just wait i WILL be there.

The Broadband Battle

I recently subscribe to Suncellular's broadband service, yes the wireless one. and so far I have been very satisfied with the service.

They are offering unlimited wireless connection anywhere here in Metro Manila Initially for just a flat rate fee of 650 pesos per month if you have a Suncell post paid phone for at least 6 months and just 799 pesos per month if you don't.

Nothing can beat the savings and the power that you get from Sun's broadband service. Comparing from other broadband services Sun is offering up to 2 mbps and yet they still made some room for improvement they have set their modems capable of bursting upto 3.6 mbps! whew! Now that is what you call power.

When I mentioned that compared to other broadband services a while ago, what I was referring to was the hard connection type of service. The ones that you still have to install in your homes with all the wires and everything.

These service providers charge up to almost 2,000 pesos for 2 mbps and yet you cant take it anywhere that you need the service. the only downside of the wireless service is the availability to the provinces. But hey can you take your hard connection with you even just a few blocks away? I dont think so!

Some of you might be thinking that I may be getting a bit unfair with the other providers. Okay well lets now compare apples to apples.

Smart Broadband service the good thing about smart broadband is that they have connection almost anywhere you go! you can be assured that you will get a signal even if you are sunbathing in the beach or retreating in the mountains. But here's the thing, Smart charges 10 pesos for every 30 minutes that you consume. iregardless if you have consumed that whole 30 minutes or not as long as you get disconnected form your current connection that is an automatic ten bucks for you.

They also have these plans where you get "40 Hours" of internet connection but then again the 30 minute rule applies again.

Now lets see Globes Visibility Service. I actually admire Globes spirit of competing with Smart. Why? Because with Globe's service, you only pay five pesos for every 15 minutes. That just means that you dont have to stay online for the next how many minutes because you dont want to waste the money that you bought for your load forcing you to surf the net without enjoying at all. However Globe is also strugling (at least that is what i see) with some technical glitches in their continous effort ot improve their system. When I tried Globes Visibility service in our house, It was a mess. The activity monitor for the connection was like a flat lining patient in the emergency room. Man I was like waiting for the next morning just to view the page. Unfortunately Globe was not a very good experience for me.

I was really hesitant to get Suncellular's service at first. I tried signing up with Sun's Robinsons Galleria Sun shop for a demo run but after a few months nothing happened. They did not even contacted me so I just assumed that they just cant provide me the service because they dont have enough signal here in Valenzuela.

But to my surprise when I tried it at the Sun shop in SM Valenzuela the thing works superbly!

I hope that i could test their DSL connections (hard connection type) so i could blog about them sometime... :D

The Birth

I have been blogging for a quite a long time now and I have noticed that it has been like an outlet for me of my frustration. So I decided to focus on the positive this time. What do I love to do?

I will journal all my encounter in the things that I love, the internet, graphics design traveling anything under the sun!

Yes! this is the birth of a new facet in my life the one that I want to focus on. My Digital Manila life.