Project 365+1 Flicks 007 - 009

Flick 0007 (January 16, 2012) Silent Night

Tried my skills with slow shutter shots. Not bad for a newbie in low ligh =)

Flick 008 (January 17, 2012) Hey Mr. DJ! Put the record on!

Remember the time when you would have to listen to the radio and wait for your favorite song so you could record it? The tape on this picture served just like that for me when I was younger.... =)

Flick 008 (January 18, 2012) 3R's

Tried to come up with something fabulous with this picture but failed =) This is a close up of my mom's handbag made from recycled materials. (see not everything goes as you planned all the time!) 

Flick 009 (January 18, 2012) 3R's

The picture that I am sharing to you for this day is not something that I took today. I was browsing through my files and saw this picture of a lady bidding goodbye to a child while looking out of the window. I didn't had a chance to share this before, but now I am. 

Project 365+1 Flicks 004 - 006 Sunset

Yeah I know I have not posted my 365+1 Project article yet, so here are my photos for Flicks 4 to 6

Flick 004 (January 13, 2012) Desserts Anyone?

Taken at KFC MOA around 2AM. Me and a friend tasted all of the KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls dessert for my blog If you want to know how we judged the desserts just visit the site ;P

Flick 005 (January 14, 2012) Find The Cat!

I saw our cat sleeping on top of our clutter corner, I suddenly remember the thing going around where you need t find the cat. We love our cat though she's a bit stubborn and a lot crazy lately.

Flick 006 (January 15, 2012) Pit Senyor!
This on of those days when you wish you don't live in Manila but in Cebu. Why it's Sinulog. Every 3rd sunday during the month of January Cebu celebrates the Sinulog Festival. But of course we also celebrate the feast of the child Jesus in our parish. 

This photo was taken with my phone. I stupidly forgot to charge my batteries, I brought them to the church but it wasn't working T_T

Project 365+1 Flick 003 Sunset

Visited a friend that I have not seen in a while. This was taken at the veranda of his condo in San Juan while the Sun was setting. This is the view of Mandaluyong from his balcony.

Project 365+1 Flick 003 Sunrise

Its my third day to post something. This was actually taken 6am of the 12th of January when I was about to sleep. Yeah! I was just about to sleep that time. Woke up in the after noon the day before so I guess that would be the reason why my day stretched out to the next. 

I just resigned from work which was on a night shift that is why I am still trying to adjust to normal sleeping hours. =)

Project 365+1 Flick 002 Flower

I have always wanted to feature this but never got a chance well I guess there's a reason now. This is a Gumamela planted around our house. It reminds me of how beautiful God made the world as it never fails to make sure that there's a flower blooming every day.

Project 365+1 Flick 001 Cigs Vendor

I am starting this new project as influenced by my friend Noel. Just as soon as the new year started he simultaneously began his 365 Project. As I understood I needed to start it at the beginning  of the year so that I could fulfill all of the 365 photos. But I was really hesitant and I didn't really think that I could make that commitment (ang tamad ko talaga, I know!) But then again I asked my self when would I do this if not now? So here I am starting this new project which will be a new segment of my blog. I call it Project 365+1.

Why Project 361+1?  It's because it's a leap year so there's going to be a plus one on our calendars. I know you are asking how can I fulfill the 365+1 if I am just starting now? well Since I started today January 9, 2012 I will be ending it by January 9, 2013! so that would still be a 365+1 right!? =)

So without further a do, here's my first flick.

This was taken at the procession today during the feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila. A cigarette vendor waiting for someone to buy from him.

This post is part of my Project 365+1 series you can view all of the photos here on my flickr account