Me Time

I know it may be a little to late to talk about this movie. But for the past few days my manager started to send us home an hour earlier than usual, or should I say, with just one hour over time rendered.

Anyways, I started to have a lot of time in my hands. I sleep around eightish in the morning and wake up around say three or past four in the after noon while work is at 8:45 pm. Now I have time to do something for my self.... a little "ME" time.

The movie? Sex and the City.

Friends are there for you anytime that you need them. But then again at times they do things that destroy you as well. but the thing is there a lot of them that really do stick with you through thick and thin.....

I liked the movie a lot but, then again we cannot discount the people we love. I mean our Girlfriends or Boyfriends. We have got to draw the line where friendship ends there are parts of marriage where friends cant just meddle into.

Most of the times when there's a lot of hands into one tub of water it just becomes so blurry. so from time to time we need to distance our selves and deal with things on our own.

Life on its own.

So, I have been living like this for the past few weeks since I joined this new program. I go to work around 8:45PM till about 7:30 - 8:00 in the morning where I get to commute going home about just a few kilometers away from the office... (thank God I live not that far).

So I reach home by about 8:45 AM and try to get some sleep. I try to wake up extra early every other day so that I could go to the gym. like I mentioned in my previous blogs, I started going to the gym to improve on my health condition. Anyways, sometimes I fail going to the gym since i get home really late.

I realized that I need to do something to make my life more meaningful.

I want to do the stuff that I really want to do. like swim more often go to the courts and hit some rackets or maybe learn how to basketball.... my biggest frustration of them all.

I mean, I need to start living the life that I want. I only get to be young once and I would not want to waste it to work alone.

A few days back while talking to an old friend... I realized that there are things that we cant just turn back... like how I reminisce an regret that I should have been more adventurous when I was in high school.

There are things that we must do, because we are only given one chance to live these lives. One chance to do all the things that we can. It is true, when they say that do the things that you want, and not look back thinking "What if" I did?"

Breaking Free to being me

At last! I am back.... back to my real home.... blogspot!

Our IT guys here in the office previously blocked blogspot for reasons i don't really know. So i then utilized more my multiply account since I can also post whatever i post there, here. But now it is wide open again and I wanna thank those IT guys again.

So what is up with me lately? hmmm..... well i haven't blogged so much about how i feel...

I just got transferred to this new account and i would not wanna talk about it. I just miss the people I use to work with. the people in our Meralco site.

There's also this thing going on inside of me that I still need to resolve. I feel that I need to start living the way that I really want to. But how can I do that? I have a college student to put through schooling and some responsibilities at home.

You might be thinking what do I really wanna do?

I wanna but an expensive camera and a laptop and go to places like Sagada, the top of Mt. Pulag, Jolo and other parts never been seen by ordinary people. I want to caputure the lights from these places and tell the world their stories. I wanna tell stories through pictures and music.

I just wanna be.