have you ever experienced an emotion so indistinct you couldn't tell what it is. You just want to shout and move a lot.

Damn I sure do.

And its difficult.

Resolutions? Anyone?

Its another new year and here we are writing and talking about our resolutions again. But how much have we really accomplished from last year's resolution.

I my self can't remember what are the resolutions that I made last year or even if I made one. But it has been the talk of the town every time that calendar hits 01-01-XX

this year my life still is a mess and I mean a mess.......

Instead of resolutions I listed the things that I plan to. I don't really call them resolutions since I they are not really solutions to any of my problems or are things that if I do, would make my life better.

They are things that I feel I deserve, so yes it would make my life better in a way.

so here they are.

1. Get my own place - even just a room would do.
2. Make time to swim again
3. Go back to the gym