Fortinet® Rolls Out New FortiOS 5.0 Operating System

Fortinet® Rolls Out New FortiOS 5.0 Operating System for Enabling More Security, Control and Intelligence to Fight Advanced Threats and Secure BYOD Environments

Company Delivers More than 150 New Features for FortiGate, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer and FortiClient Products

MANILA, Philippines - Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) - a world leader in high-performance network security – today announced FortiOS 5.0, the world’s most advanced security operating system that is the foundation for all Fortinet FortiGate integrated security platforms. This new release provides more security, intelligence and control to help enterprises be better protected against today’s advanced threats and enable more secure BYOD environments.

With smarter, more effective security policies, Fortinet gives enterprises of all sizes new technologies to help protect and manage their networks in light of fundamental changes in both the nature of attacks targeting them as well as how users are accessing the network. Fortinet is extending its leadership by integrating advanced identification and management of user and device behavior, including reputation-based policies, better botnet detection and protection and inspection of encrypted traffic.

In addition to the new FortiOS 5.0 operating system for FortiGate devices, Fortinet announced FortiManager 5.0, FortiAnalyzer 5.0 and FortiClient 5.0 to address the need for increasingly sophisticated management and analysis of the network infrastructure and endpoint devices in enterprise, carrier, MSP and SMB environments alike.

A Prayer Gone Wrong

When I saw this on facebook I was thinking what's her deal? during the first part of her video. I wasn't just getting why people find it funny while I was starting to get annoyed until she started talking and singing about somebody's farm! lol

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At Last We Have Arrived, We Are Now A DotCOM!

So it's been quite a while since I started blogging, actually almost six years now! So Hooray!!! Yeah!?

Anyways I just thought it's about time to move up so here we are now, we are now a DOT COM!!!

Since I have decided for this site to step up a bit. I want to fill it more with some more fun stuff things that you would enjoy reading or watching!

So if I would ask you what things you'd like to see me blog, do or make a video out of, what would it be? It doesn't matter who you are if you frequent here or you just passed by my blog I'd still like to know. I'd like to know more who reads what I write and write for you guys as well!

Let me know your answer in the comment section.


The Cost Of Losing Yesterday

Over the past few years Filipinos have been more conscious of preserving our heritage specially the young people of today.

We have lost a lot of our cultural and heritage structures and some taken out of their original place like a fish-out-of-water which just seems wrong. But then again those structures have been deteriorating prior to being purchased and relocated. this is where the debate begins. But I won't go into that issue I'd like to talk more about within just the context of having these structures preserved per se.

First of all we need to know what is Heritage? 

According to Wikipedia heritage  is "the legacy of physical artifacts (cultural property) and intangible attributes of a group or society that are inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. Cultural heritage includes tangible culture (such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art, and artifacts), intangible culture (such as folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge), and natural heritage (including culturally significant landscapes, and biodiversity)."

To simply put it I personally define it as the evidence of our history like artifacts

To better understand and realize how important preserving our heritage is I asked Ivan Henares who's advocacy towards heritage conservation has earned him the recognition of being one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of 2013 (TOYM) to shed some light on this.

Photo from
Why is it important for us to preserve our heritage such as buildings and line of sight to name a few and why is it important for us a nation?.

We need to safeguard our heritage in order the strengthen our national identity and preserve the character of our towns and cities. This is very important if we want to promote our cities as tourism destinations.

I always pose the question: "What do you visit when you travel to other countries?" 

Isn't it we travel to other countries to experience their culture first-hand, visit their heritage sites, try out their local cuisine? If we travel to other countries to visit their heritage, why are we getting rid of our own heritage? 

If we want to compete in the global tourism industry, we need to highlight what makes us uniquely Filipino. Why will tourists fly to the Philippines if we promote something that they can easily experience at home?

Are there economic benefits of preserving such heritage structures?

Heritage can be a catalyst for economic growth through cultural tourism. I've seen it in many other countries, especially our ASEAN neighbors. They've effectively harnessed the potential of heritage and culture as a tool for poverty alleviation by uplifting the lives of communities within and around cultural heritage sites. 

There are a lot of heritage structures around the Philippines but the main argument of owners is that they don't know and don't have any money to preserve such big structures. What should owners like these do and are there any institutions or agency that could help them?

The are incentives for restoring heritage structures under RA10066 - National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009. First thing they have to do is a get their structure declared. Once declared, government funds can be used for restoration and their are many sources like the local government units, congressional funds, PAGCOR, TIEZA and many other agencies. Also, when declared, funds contributed by private individuals or entities can be considered donations to the NCCA and are thus tax deductible. They can approach the National Historical Commission of the Philippines or National Museum to lead them to the right direction.

For ordinary people like students, professionals or just plain housewives what can we do to help?

Before we can promote our heritage and its effective conservation, we first have to understand what it is all about. Traveling is an effective teacher. The experiences we gain from traveling and learning about different cultures first-hand can enrich ones own outlook in life. I've learned so much from the many places I've visited. The epiphany that hit me while visiting all eighty provinces of the Philippines — that our country is extremely blessed and beautiful, and our cultural heritage rich and colorful — has made me a more passionate Filipino.

Our heritage is one of our most important tourism products. We should value it not just because it has the potential to uplift our lives through tourism. We should take care of it because it is our identity and who we are as Filipinos. We should not erase our nation's soul.

We can also help raise awareness by sharing heritage issue on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. HCS Twitter handle is @HeritagePH. Current hashtags are #HeritagePH and #SaveManilaBay

Any message for Filipinos about heritage conservation?

Any successful advocacy must be community-based. The task to preserve our country's heritage is a daunting one, more so that we have significant built heritage in all provinces of the Philippines. 

We can't do everything from Metro Manila. We really need to make people in local communities understand how important their heritage is, and that it is an inherent part of our national heritage. That's why if we want to be successful, we need to make sure communities with built heritage embrace the concept of heritage conservation. So we encourage each community to safeguard their own heritage as part of national efforts for heritage conservation. 

Like Ivan said preserving our heritage not just saves the structures but our identity as well as a nation. It tells our children what lives we have lived and what we have done for their future.

So lets take action now not later, start by supporting these petitions simply digitally sign them to help ensure the future of these heritage.

Would you want to tell you child "Son this is where we use to go out and walk along so watch the sunset" instead of showing them what is really is? The true sunset of Manila bay can't be replaced by videos and pictures, just like how we cry over the photos of old Manila and how it used to be so beautiful.

What we may loose. Please atch in at least 360P

Philam Theater
"This is one of the best performance halls in the entire Philippines and must be saved. It has some of the best acoustics for Manila's orchestras, choirs, and solo musical artists and its destruction would be a gigantic loss for Filipino culture and heritage." - Maestro Olivier Ochanine / Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra

Philam Theater: Sign the petition HERE

I hope this enlightens some of us and motivate to take action before we lose the traces of who and what we are. Help conserve yesterday today.

Special thanks to Mr. Ivan Heneres of for helping us understand heritage conservation more. 

Les Miserables: How I Think The Movie Was

Last night I made something that I rarely do, watch a movie hahaha! But really I rarely watch movies since most of the time I think that I don't get value for my money. If I do get to see one, I usually watch Tagalog romance movies -cheesy I know hahaha!. But this time I paid for an English movie, I think this is a very good exception and a very good decision on my part. What movie was it? Les Miserables.

Now let's get down to the business. What do I think about movie? hmmm well before I go ahead and make a general statement whether it is good or bad let me break things down for you first.

The Cast

The casting director really did a good job in picking the actors specially the ones who actually excelled more than the actors on stage.

Anne Hathaway (Fantine) - Totally nailed it! She deserves an Oscar for her performance. There were lots of people in the movie house including families with teenage boys and girls and right after Anne's I dream a dream performance, I heard people saying "did you just cry?" to their friends and family left and right. Only stone-cold hearted people would not shed even a single tear with that performance, and maybe those were just sleeping while the movie was running -they are people who aren't just interested with the movie!

Russel Crow (Javert)- Ugh.... How would I start describing his performance..... Well to fair his acting was really okay, after all Russel Crow is a very good actor I even watch his movie A Beautiful Mind on DVD over and over up to now. But I guess his singing really wasn't working, I know that some of you would say well he is not a singer duh!? But then again he is in a musical don't you think he should step up? Another theory that I have in my head is that he really did a good performance, you know acting, singing and all that but his co-actors were really just so awesome that I find his singing mediocre -it lacks character and dynamics, doesn't really tell a story much if you listen to the singing alone. See for your self with the video below that's pretty much how he sang the whole length of the movie.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter (Monsieur and Madame Thénardier -The Inn Keepers) - Lived through my expectations hahaha! Yes they were indeed funny great performance for the two though I find the stage play actors better Sacha and Bonham were really great. One thing I just noticed is that a lot of us (Pinoys) didn't get the humor most of the time of the inn keepers most of the time, I mean I was like  fool being the only one laughing at the cinema! =(

Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean) - I didn't see a trace of Hugh Jackman with Jean Valjean, all I can see in the movie was the character and no one else. So what I am trying to say is Hugh Jackman really did awesome in the movie I can't even compare it to the actor who did it on stage, it would just be unfair! Well unfair for both as the two actors really are superb its just that I feel that Hugh Jackman gave a different dimension to the character.

Amanda Seyfried (Cosette) - Though one of the shortest appearances as far as the main actors are concerned Amanda Seyfried really did gave justice to the character just like how I imagined Cossette would be like, dreamy, romantic and loving.

Eddie Redmayne (Marius Pontmercy) - Probably the best Marius that I have ever seen better the than the one on stage -singing and acting wise. His performance had that extra ugh! compared to the kid on stage. He was soulful and his acting was so unrestrained giving the emotions that extra shot of expresso.

Samantha Barks (Eponine) - Just like on stage Samantha Barks delivered! her performance on the movie was superb! it was the first time that I saw Eponine that way specially when Marius was holding her as she was lying down in barricades dying. Somewhere over the Internet there have been debates and cyber quarrels about who is better as Eponine is it Lea Salonga or Samantha Barks. Hey both actors are great and they always deliver though one of them has a stronger voice it really is unfair to compare both and to say that one is better because the other one got into the movie. Tell you what both actors are awesome! Lea had moved up to the role of Fantine so no more Eponine roles for her, come on she has grown older and yes she was not casted as Fantine as well why? Duh? Imagine a french woman that looks Asian? come on if they did that people would be reacting the same way as to how M. Night Shyamalan did to the Fire Benders, instead of casting east Asian guys he cast Indians (no offense to Indian, not because you are not good actors because you are its because its inaccurate and in consistent with the comic book series.

The Film

Enough about the characters so how about the Film it self, you know general atmosphere and cinematography?

The cinematography is great I like the artsy angles and shots they consistently have throughout the movie. The rule of thirds was used a lot and again let me say it CONSISTENTLY. I was really satisfied with how they framed the movie. Though with lighting I think there are some shots that could have been given a little bounce of light, like when Eponine was walking in the rain and singing I could barely see her eyes. But yeah I think that is forgivable.

One thing that I didn't like about the movie was the excessive motion blur like when the workers was shown while the camera was moving on the rail, It was really blurry that I cant see the actors properly. Other than that I am pretty much like every thing.

The Story
I said last night on my facebook account that I think some of the lines were altered and omitted, I am not quite sure about that now. I checked the libretto of the play and the part that I was suspecting that was altered really wasn't not. Still I am not sure that everything stayed the same.... So I'll research more about it. ;)

The Judgement

Despite Russel Crowe's weak singing and an occasional motion blur that annoyed me I say that Les Miserables is something that you should watch in the movie house. It is one fine piece of art work that you should experience.

The way how they pieced this movie together makes me embarrased to even call it a commercial film. For me it is an art film it is a part of our history as a human. So I'd say I'd give the movie FIVE THUMBS UP!

Go on and catch Les Miserables while you can at your nearest cinema.

I Love My City

I live in a very famous city in the Philippines, famous for being easily flooded.... Hahaha but seriously yes for locals that is what they would almost immediately state or ask, "Doesn't it get flooded at your place a lot?"

That may be true most of the time but still I love my city. I would have to mention that I have never seen such development in my city like this from the previous administrations that held office in our city hall.

Before I give some of the reasons why I like my city let me share you videos from our city government, again I'd just like to put it out there that this is not a paid advertisement.

1. Less stressful environment
I lived in the bustling heart of metro manila, Mandaluyong City for that matter in a condo for quite a while and I tell you even though I got more sleep, I didn't feel that I was more rested. Maybe it was because of the hustle and bustle that goes around. But here in Valenzuela it feels that you are more relaxed, maybe because of the suburban feel that it has and that when night comes everything is so silent, perfect for your quality rest. I even remember somebody who always says when she goes to my hometown that your place feels and looks like a provincial town, but then again you have access to everything and for me that is great!

2. Better sidewalks and roads.
To say the least we now have sidewalks! and a lot of them are real sidewalks! Thanks to the MMDA and the City Government most of the sidewalks are now walkable. I guess the only thing that's missing are trees and if they could widen it more. Trees, because like we all know it's hot here in the Philippines and trees along the way could help shade the sidewalks and maybe help encourage people to walk more.

3. Efficient city hall

Unlike before when you don't know how long it would take you to process papers or whatnot now you are confident that the processes are streamlined and efficient. Government employees are more efficient, I LIKE IT SO MUCH just like how Boy Abunda said it our mayor runs the city like a CEO. Truthfully it should be ran that way, the city is our business and we need to make sure that its operation is running smoothly! right!? I think other mayors should act like not like mayor but as a manager. Their performance separates the Politicians to Public Servants

4. Lesser floods
Just this morning I read a newspaper that we can say goodbye to flooding in the near future as the Flood Control system has been approved by the president already. But actually I am quite proud to say that the notion of our city being flooded all the time can actually be contested now.

Not that we don't get flooded anymore but in the past when we get flooded it stays there for weeks, now it would subside real quick. However, the government isn't stopping there as the president just approved almost a billion pesos for the flood control project for CaMaNaVa which stands for Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela which are the flood prone areas.

So yeah, these are some of the things why I love my city. I was suppose to write some more with the things that I don't like and what I would like to happen in my city but I guess I'll just put it in another post ;)

How about you what are the things that you like about your city? Put your answers on the comment section below!

Michael Shimamoto: A Youth Music Ambassador

As some of you knows I am a fan of Jesuit Music Ministry the arm of the Jesuit community that spreads the word of God through mass media and the creative arts.

They have writers, video artists, choral groups and singers that help them produce media for evangelization and one of them is Michael Shimamoto.

I read somewhere that Michael was actually tasked to help spread vocation of singing to the youth specially around the Ateneo community where he studies.

Here is his latest song published through the Jesuit Music Ministry channel in youtube.

Here are his other songs published on the same channel

My Top Career / Jobs For 2013

Over the past month I have been hyped to get a job -yep got no job been working for my blog for quite some time now- because I saw some gadgets that would really help me live the life that I want, a digital nomad's life.

I actually wrote some of the things that I want on by wish list and if you feel like helping out or donating your old laptop feel free to contact me LOL! I consider these gadgets as a capital to a better life so I guess they are a need for me not a want.

Thinking over for my next employment I have come up with a list of possible careers that I could take.

Call Center - AGAIN???? I will no longer elaborate on this. All I can say is that this is the modern day factory worker job.

Insurance Processor - I have background in insurance, well selling policies but not processing claims. But my friend offered and I think it is worth trying ey?

Photographer - I take photographs on freelance already so why not be employed? Anyone out there??? hahaha

I am not sure yet on which one to take among the ones listed or if I would take any one of them but yeah I am really motivated to work hard this year!

2013 New Year Celebration

Today is day 1 of 365 brand new days.

And it is just but fitting to celebrate these new set of hope filled days that we look forward to.

Each year our family spends it just like Christmas together, setting fireworks off like there's no tomorrow, eat, drink and party like crazy people.

Our neighbors still has that videoke machine they rented but thank God that they've gone tired of one week of Gangnam Style and Pusong Bato singing.