The Year That Was - 2012

This year is about to end in a couple days so I think it is just appropriate for me to go down memory lane and look at the year that was.

Yes this is actually something new for this blog, imagine six years of blogging and this is the first time maybe because  I never really thought that anybody reads my blog before as I kept it more of a personal journal. Though the blog still remains the same purpose the difference now is that I think about the people who reads them hence, my improvement in writing albeit the grammatical errors from time to time.

Last year I have written 62 articles in this blog and this year? This would be the 48th article fewer than last year, true but only for this blog. You see last year when I met the people who makes up the community of Filipino travel blogger which caused my writing to explode to more articles and new blogs.

I love my PTB Family a lot of them inspire me so much that I found different lifestyle options for me which are still being decided up to this very moment.

Because of this blog I have around 6 blogs that I write on (ir)regularly. hahaha but they do get updated at least once a week.

This year I've also experienced earning a bit to pay for the expenses of my blogs that are self hosted. Yep some of the blogs that I have are self hosted.

I also got to win and received some gifts for my flickr account where I store that photos that I put in my posts. I actually won a year's worth of flickr pro so I didn't have to pay for the 24 dollar renewal then just before Christmas Flickr gave away three months free pro accounts. So I got my one year renewal extended to three more months, in effect I would have to renew my Flickr pro account as late as 2014! =D

Christmas Coffee: A Tradition Of Friendship

Truth be told I don't really have lots of friends. So I really treasure that ones that stick up with me despite me being a bad friend -me thinks. 

Every year me and my friend would go out on Christmas night and have coffee. We often go out and coffee till morning until we got busy this year but a tradition is a tradition and I intend to keep it that way. 

How about you? What traditions do keep with your friends? Leave it at the comments box! =)

peppermint mocha and black cherry for Christmas. 

They Way We Do Christmas

We as Filipinos are full of traditions and the Christmas season is not an exception.

Aside from going to church at Christmas eve, on the day it self our family go to our elders and pay our respects. Often times we end up eating at each and every house.

A few of our elders have passed already and a new generation has also been born this year that is why I call my generation in our family as the bridge. We are the ones who are responsible for keeping the family traditions that we have alive.

Coming into my senses

Over the past couple of weeks I have been going gaga over my blogs including this very blog that you are in right now.

I was trying to achieve more of a lifestyle blog by fixing the layout and everything making more hip and artsy. But nothing has satisfied me yet.

I have also been reading more these past few days and it has renewed my passion for writing, really? I have a passion for writing? hahaha I have not realized that until I this very moment that I am writing this line. But I guess yes I maybe I do have a passion for writing, even though my writing skills are mediocre.

While reading a blog that I have been following for a while now, it sort of reminded me about what this blog is all about, Me.

Sure this blog has gone through so many forms from being my therapy, to personal, a travel blog and now a lifestyle blog wanna be but now I have restored my vow to keep this blog as a sacred ground of my thoughts and my being.

Christenings and Simbang Gabis

Today was quite a busy day for me. I had two things to do that requires me of dressing up and go outside of my house I know my life has not been that exciting these past few weeks.

But for today I've got lots of stuff to do. My dad woke me up early 10 AM -hey that's early for me I sleep around 4am to 5am.

First thing for today is my niece's christening at our local parish church. Yep I'm one of the god fathers but all I can give right now are my prayers! hahaha!

Miss Universe 2012

Last Thursday the world witnessed as a new Miss Universe has been crowned in the casino capital of the world Las Vegas. A total of more than 80 candidates from around the world competed for the title but in the end of course only one went home with the crown, Miss USA the new Miss Universe 2012.

Of Writing and Photographs

I am getting more time into blogging and I am getting the feel of having blogging as a job rather than a hobby. But just to clarify I ain't really making that much blogging.

It is a difficult job specially for somebody like me who has an attention span of a five year old toddler. I need a break like every ten minutes of writing maybe suddenly listen to music at the middle of writing an article, some say that it is how creative people work but I don't think that I am creative enough. Well yeah at least I consider my self as creative but I still think that I have got a lot to improve.

Let me lay my cards on the table, I am not a college graduate and I worked in the BPO industry for about 10 years and I guess that is where I got my communication skills honed to how it is today. But still I am not satisfied with my composition skills.

I started feeling this way since I started following this food blog of a culinary student. He hails from Zamboanga but lives in Pasig City. I like the way he writes his stories as he seems to personally communicate with his readers.

His choices of words are ordinary (though you'd need your friend google from time to time) but seem to run deep with a soul. He writes beautifully.

As I read through his food blog it made me wish that I could go back to college and finish a degree and may be really learn about writing.

Well I am still alive I guess I could still go back ey? any sponsors out there? hahaha.

Si Enteng Kabisote, Si Agimat At Si A.K.O

"Panata ko na ito " Vic Sotto explains to bloggers last December 17, 2012 at the Annabel's restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon city why he continues to make the Enteng Kabisote (EK) series.  Vic wants to make every one happy at least even just for an hour or two this coming holidays. 

On this episode the EK team decided to add another character Angelina Kalikasan Orteza who calls here self A.K.O played by another box office queen, Ms. Judy Anne Santos. Asked why add another character bossing Vic explains that it is broaden the story more and the adventure that they'll be going through. 

A.K.O is another encantada who is assigned to protect the environment Vic explains, to add up "Hindi naman natin matatawara ang box office appeal ni Judy Anne"

Newtown Connecticut Elementary Shooting

Another horrific day unfolded today in Newton, Ct. as a 24 year old guy named Ryan Lanza open fired over students at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

As of this writing a total of 27 people have been found dead including 18-20 children aged 5 to 10 years old. 

The shooter was later on found dead with two weapons. It is has also been made known that the suspect's mother and brother are also found dead, the mother inside her classroom and the brother on a residential area near the school. 

2012 Metro Manila Film Festival

Every year the Metro Manila Development Authority spear heads the organization for the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

The festival aims to promote quality Filipino Films to the movie goers while challenging Film Producers to step up and create world class films

How To Avoid Traffic In Metro Manila (Alternate Routes)

Christmas is fast approaching and I am sure that you would agree that it is synonymous to HEAVY TRAFFIC!

Shopping left and right would be the main culprit for worsening the already nightmarish traffic here in the metro. But then again there goes our MRT to the rescue.... errr... but if you have gift wrapped goods already i suppose that you wouldn't want you gifts to be opened just to get on the train right?