My Birthday and Why I Don't Tell When It is

I've been bugged by a lot of people asking when my birthday is. But I don't tell when. Nope, not even facebook will tell you when's my birthday. If it does it will give you a wrong one.

See I just want to keep my birthday to my self because of several reasons.

It feels awkward. I do not know how to celebrate birthdays. I do not remember when was the last time my family celebrated my birthday apart from the photo of me when I was still a kid. There's no memory of any celebration anymore.

People forget or maybe they don't just care at all. Believe it or not I have a cousin that has the same birthday as mine. But on that day, only a few remembered that it was my day also. I actually don't know how to feel about this anymore. I never and learned not to celebrate it. There was also this time when a good friend asked when is my birthday. He even felt bad because I wouldn't tell him when it is. But I gave in I told him, it was a week before the day. He forgot.

This is also the reason why I am bad with gifts. Both on receiving and giving end. I rarely receive any gifts so when someone gives one to me, I don't know how to react.

See, birthdays should be something that gives you happiness. For me, it doesn't. If it doesn't give heartaches, it would be just another regular day at the best. Di lang ako mabadtrip ng araw na iyon masaya na ako.

I appreciate those who remember, kahit di exactong date even if it just on the month. Also, I apologize if I don't greet you on your day. It's just that I am not used to celebrating one.

So that is it, the bottom line is... My birthday isn't special. To anyone, and me.