The recent failure of the Department of tourism's campaign to re-brand the Philippines sparked a national movement for voluntarism to help the department in re-branding the country.

New Image for Philippine Tourism.... what is your take?

Over the last couple of days the twitter world has been flooded with messages talking about how the Department of Tourism failed to impress the tourism sector and even stating that it is still open for consultation.

The DOT recently launched the Pilipinas Kay Ganda campaign and nobody or at least the private sector is not happy with it. Questions like why is it in vernacular? it doesnt mean a thing to foreigners, its not that catchy.

Being compared to the WoW Philippines campaign which was even considered as one of the most recallable and strong slogans there is in an tourism congress. It was not strong enough to even catch the local tourists interest and excite them.

I personally think that Ace Durano should be hired back. I believe that we need a young and dynamic tourism leader. I like the way he promoted the Philippines when he was secretary.

So how about you? what is your take on this? how do you want the Philippines to be promoted? or are you satisfied with the Pilipinas kay Ganda campaign?

Intramuros: Fort Santiago

If there's one place that you would just have to visit here in Manila and you'd like to learn more about history the best place to start is right where it all started...... Intramuros!

Revisiting Manila Series (Part 2)

So there I was standing across the vast sea of at the middle of Plaza Miranda right at the middle of fortune tellers, faith healers and vendors that sells spiritual stuffs.

I was there thinking where to go. Lost as I am, I turned three sixty and gazed at what was around me.

My foot took me to the towards the street leading to Carriedo station of the LRT. Just below the station I had a good look at the Don Roman Santos Building which is much popularly known as Prudential Bank building.

Thank You!!!

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Again thanks so much!....

Anyways, I wasn't able to write these past few days because of some technical problems but now I am back!

So here comes my new post in a while =)

Revisiting Manila

Saturday, I had nothing to do except for my visit to daughter which I planned to make short.

So when I was done with my visit to my one and only daughter, I was standing on the road side and was contemplating and confused at the same time thinking where was I to go after. I didn't want to go home up north just yet adding up to my dilemma.

Side Tracked (Labor Day 2010 series)

On labor Day Saturday me and my friend JR originally planned to ride the Pasig River Ferry, but we got disappointed when we got to the ferry station that it is close on Sundays and Holidays so we just took some pictures around the station. Unfortunately, AGAIN! gosh I just realized how unfortunate we were that day... lolz.... anyways my cam went dead so we weren't able to take more, but I was able to take one good shot with JR on it....

Labor Day 2010

I had a great time during the long labor day weekend that past. There were so much activities that was begging for me to do. One group of office friends went to Pakil, Laguna and did some mountain hiking while another group went to an office mate's house and drank the night and day away.But due to budget constraints I wasn't able to join them. I just opted the battle that has been waiting for me for about a week now, LAUNDRY! hahaha yes I have my laundry basket overflowing with soiled clothes that needs to be washed. But knowing me who just procrastinates a lot, I rested for a while but when I woke up it was already night time.
A friend texted me inviting me to go out that night right after they finished watching the play Xanadu at the RCBC theater in Makati. Hours passed but I received no reply from him. The following day he called me and told me that he wasn't able to reach me because his phone went dead during the play as they took photos of the actors and with the actors afterward.

So my friend invited me to spend what's left of the long weekend in Baliwag, Bulacan. It was really restful and we had lots of fun. It was nice to have that feeling of having joys with simple things.
On Sunday, the day that we arrived at his home we rested for a while and ate lunch then that afternoon we went to SM Baliwag which was just beautiful as it looks like a town center nothing like those here in Manila where it feels like you were abused after your done with your shopping. It was a small mall but had everything that you need.

We missed doing duets on the videoke machine so we sang our selves out at a game center that has rooms for singing. Tired with singing we went around the mall again (haha as if the mall was that big) talking about life and since his mom that we were waiting for couldn't make it we decided to just watch a movie our selves.

It was night time already when the movie ended and we were starving already so we headed home to eat dinner. Riding his car on the way home we saw this place which looks really cool. We checked it out and like the ambiance so we headed inside to check the price and it was really reasonable.
The restaurants name is Bulalo Republic. They serve really nice bulalo stews but the deal breaker over other restaurants in the area was its ambiance. The place was really calm and peaceful so your would really want to stay and talk some more.

So after that we were done dining we went home (for real this time hehehe) and freshened up a bit. after recuperating from dinner attack, we decided to drink and my friend introduced me to GPS which stands for Gilbey's Primium Strength that has green tea extract. It's a nice drink we had a few bottles our selves which gave us a smooth shot. after drinking we had some cappucino which we also bought at the same store.

The 711 store at the DRT Hiway in baliwag is a nice place to chill at and I would love to go back there and chill some more.

After coffee we decided to go home and rest since it was about three in the morning already but the adventure for that labor day weekend didn't stop there. let me tell you about what happened on labor day Monday the next time I blog.

.... to be continued ;)

***Note: Pictures of bulalo republic are not mine all rights belong to their owners.

starting a new life

There are stories in this life that we cant forget but sometimes these same stories are the ones that we cant even write. In fact the story of my life for the past 6 years that turned out to be a tragedy because of one single mistake.

Anyways I hope that I could write new things that happens to me enough of that old life.

I will try to get as much adventures that I could and tell all about them to you here in my blog.

who i am today

Talked to a friend this morning she said that I am still in denial. Yes, I admit that I am still but slowly I am learning to accept.

I am trying to learn how to live by my self though from time to time I miss the feeling of when I got home someone would hug and comfort me and make me feel that everything is going to be alright.

I want to focus more on my craft now, not because I need to earn money but because I want to do it.

I want to refine my photography, my music and my writing. I want to write more and more consistently this time.

I love BlogSpot!

I got more inspired to write more with this new layout in blog spot.... I just hope that I'd find the courage to write again...


everyday i feel the pain inside of me. I cant stop thinking about you. If it was hard for me to think about how you are doing its even more difficult not to think about you.

nakakabaliw na hindi ko na makaya pero kailangan.

The world as I know it ended the day that you said goodbye as all of the dreams that I have built was around you I didn't knew that you were like a sand and on you I built them but then the waves came and took them all along you.

ang sakit sakit na pero wala akong magawa dahil tinapos mo na dead end na kung baga. sana makabangon pa ako.

mahirap kase wala nang direksyon ang buhay ko ngayon di ko alam kung saan ako tutungo dahil dati ang goal ko ay mapaligaya ka at makasama ka habang buhay ngunit ngayon paano na.

paano na? yan ang tanong ko araw araw kung paano haharapin ang bawat bukas.

Vanila Twilight

Just listen


woke up alone in my bed still longing for your warm arms to hold me tight through the night
I still remember the way that looked at me and smile the first time i saw you
the days we spent away from the crowd is hard not to reminise the good times that we shared the laughters that we laughed together still runs in my mind

but then again I'd wake up from these dreams that you are still mine realizing that you're now far away from me being held by another's arms and not mine
oh how Id wish I was there to hold you near my heart

situations changed you chose to walk away and I stand here in the rain alone with a broken heart but nobody notices that tears fall down my eyes because the rain is so damn hard

we chose to be silent, silently let our hearts bleed wiping the mess so that no one would see how our hearts are so broken apart. should I go or should I wait either way its going to be painful.

I cannot teach my heart not to love you because to forget you is to forget how to breath and live again. I have built my life and dreams around you now where should I go?

Do you know me?

Do you know me? or the more important question right now is do I know me?

the past months have been life changing for me. All of my dreams is now in limbo or may be worst gone. I don't really know where its going to go.

Last April 8, 2010 the day that should have been one of the best days of my life became the worst. That was the day when I got my US visa approved after a long time of preparing for it.

But on that same joyous day, I woke up around past 8 pm because of a text message. She was asking me what happened to my visa application and that if it was for Canada or the US. I was trying to call her but she wouldn't answer. Then I asked her don't you want me calling you. She answered back but avoiding my question. So I kept on asking till she finally said "Yes, I'm sorry".

I asked her what was the sorry for, then she answered back starting with a reminder that the package that she sent already was at their house in Marikina then she dropped the bomb. She said if we could cool things off a bit.

I was devastated, I started calling her but she wouldn't answer still but I kept on calling until she finally did. She said that this is the best thing for the both of us.

I could understand how it is going to be good for us and that I could fulfill my dreams if we do this just like how she said.

im sorry i cant seem to finish this blog its too painful for me. forgive me readers if i have to leave it like this unfinished.

waking up crying.

Just the other day, I dreamed about her again.

I was working on some paper works and when I was about to go out of that office's door I saw her waiting through the glass window.

The moment I saw her I started crying, then she went up to me and started hugging and kissing me in the head.

When I woke up I was still crying.

I am in so much pain right now. I cant bear this. We were physically apart but now she wont even talk to me because of reasons that I don't know and she wont even tell.

Lord help me.

selfish and selfless.

Have you ever woke up one day then suddenly you are all alone? I did... my heart aches every single day and not a single day passes without crying. I have gone to point where I want to end it all this is too much to bear.

Now I asked where the hell is good karma? I have done everything that I could and yet she thinks that its not enough. she left me for her dreams, she said that her dreams are still to far to reach. I just don't understand what does that have to do with our relationship.

was I a burden? I supported her in her dream of going abroad all the way without a qualm. did everything for her yet she left me.

She said that I should go on with my dreams but how can I if in each and every dream that I have she's there?

The reason why I still work in the same old company struggling and making my self want it even if I don't was her, so that I could use my tenure as a proof that I would still comeback and secure a visa.

I am hanging here now wanting to hang my self.

and it seems like she doesn't care at all. all she want is to achieve her dreams even if she would hurt the person who supported her.

She doesn't seem to care that my life is ruined now as long as she gets hers.

paano na?

mamahalin kita kahit akoy nasasaktan. kahit mahirap. kahit akoy iyong iwanan
mamahalin kita magpakailan pa man.
ang kinakatakot ko lang ay magmahal ka na ng iba. di ko makakaya makita kang kasama ng iba. ikaw lang ang minahal ko ng lubusan.
bakit mo ako iniwan, di sinama sa mga pangarap mo. paano na ako?
bawat pagising ko sa umaga lumuluha aking mga mata nawala na ang pagasa na muli ay mayayakap ka. wala na ang pagasa na ako ay sasaya.


Pretending sometimes is good, not just for you but for everyone else. You pretend that everything is okay that everything is fine but its not.

You'd rather suffer than make things worst.

I was talking to a friend this morning after my shift and he reminded me about something that I posted on facebook. It was a music video by a group named Hangad. the song is Simeon's Canticle. He said that he cried when he was watching it.

I too cried when I first heard that song. But the music video said more about it. Finding your purpose in life is something that we should do. To know why do exist in this world.

Just hope that I could surpass this test that the Lord God had given me, I know I could he wouldn't give it to me if he knows that I wont be able to.

Holy Week Revival

So here I am trying to blog again. It has been a long hiatus for me and don't remember when was the last time that I wrote something for real.

Usually I go and visit churches during the holy week and do the station of the cross. But this year is not the usual. One thing is that we have work that Thursday so I was not able to go around and visit different churches.

I just decided to visit the nearest church from my office which is the EDSA Shrine. It is a church dedicated to the Our Lady of Peace for the peaceful EDSA revolution. I sat down on chair and felt the atmosphere in the church. It was so familiar for me and I missed it so much.

After a few minutes I then decided to go around and look for the parish store so I could buy a copy of the Way of the Cross booklet. I crossed the other side of the church and found that there's mass confession going on. And since I could not locate the parish store, and I think that there's none I just decided to see the priest.

The priests insights were really helpful and gave me the strength to get through at least with one of my problems.

I feel alone. My heart is broken as it sits half the world away.

felt really depressed about things not being the same way that it used to be. Its just not the same.....

what keeps me busy

There has been so many things keeping me busy now-a-days, I got transferred to a new account that keeps me occupied most of the time, which is good by the way.

I've trying to fix my papers so I could visit Roxanne in Canada and its so unfortunate that somebody very important in the company had to leave.

any ways got some financial documents ready for the embassies that I'll be applying visas for and I'm getting more nervous as my time line moves on.

Please pray for me.


have you ever experienced an emotion so indistinct you couldn't tell what it is. You just want to shout and move a lot.

Damn I sure do.

And its difficult.

Resolutions? Anyone?

Its another new year and here we are writing and talking about our resolutions again. But how much have we really accomplished from last year's resolution.

I my self can't remember what are the resolutions that I made last year or even if I made one. But it has been the talk of the town every time that calendar hits 01-01-XX

this year my life still is a mess and I mean a mess.......

Instead of resolutions I listed the things that I plan to. I don't really call them resolutions since I they are not really solutions to any of my problems or are things that if I do, would make my life better.

They are things that I feel I deserve, so yes it would make my life better in a way.

so here they are.

1. Get my own place - even just a room would do.
2. Make time to swim again
3. Go back to the gym