Noypi Astig!!!

Okay.... this time I admit it !!!! it has gone to take over me!!! yes ! I like bamboo (Band) OMG!!! I am really not sure why I liked the band like I have ever liked any other bands before. I literally listen to their CD (Light Peace Love) everytime i have a chance, which is most of the time! Maybe its because of the no non-sense songs that they have... every song would struck you... coz you can relate its about you!!!! a filipino .... you know what the funny thing is that it all started when i went to the states... a not so usual place (at least for me) to realize my being a filipino... or maybe its the perfect place to realize those things.... coz it was like me looking at my self from a far... for once i became an outsider looking inside.... just like how I feel bamboo (the person) wrote some of the song in this album.... ROCK ON!!!! NOYPI ASTIG!!!!

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