Moving On.... Moving Forward....

Last Monday, I Just found out who left the company then after a couple of days there were two more people who left. I dont know what is happening but it seems that everyone is trying to move forward and move on with their lives.

The last time that I blogged, I felt that I was in a Limbo, stuck at this state. But now I decided to move on as well, but not as drastic as the few people that I know who just left us. I just started looking for a new job in place far from home, far from friends, far from loved ones.

May be more than growth the reason for me moving on from the state of being that I am in right now, is to begin all over again with my life start, start setteling for good.

I want to start on a life that I want, in a place that I want. though everything wont be at my advantage, which is a given, I will make sure that I achieve what I want.

As of the momment I already did some things to start moving on, moving forward. I just got an agency that would facilitate my employment. I also just bought my insurance since when I go overseas my insurance will definitely be very expensive. I'm on the process of collating the documents that I need such as credentials and other stuff that I need as I start my new life, as well as leaving the things that I dont need or want to remember.

Right now I am so excited I just cant wait to begin all over again. I know some people fear starting over from the ground. but for me it is a chance given to begin and do better more like of a take 2 if you will.

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