Downtime Bigtime!

I just got in the office and was trying to log in the attendance sheet. I noticed that every one was signing out and was talking about going somewhere to party.

Then I over heard the IT personel that it is possible that people will be sent home because of some technical trouble that the center is experiencing.
That was the first time that PHub sent home people because of Downtime, the first time within its 3 years of existence.

People from my program refused to go home so they stayed a while to do quality calibrations and team meetings. After a while, a ray of light was seen. The IT people asked us to log in and try to make calls. It was kind of hard to log in at first but we tried over and over.

Finally! we were able to log in to the system and make calls. However the Victory was short lived since after we left for the Mercalco site the agents were asked to log out because of AGAIN, tech issues.

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