The Debut

I have been watching the film "The Debut" for the last couple of days. The film is about a Filipino family who immigrated to the US so that they could give their children better lives, leaving their dreams behind being artists in the Philippines.
Dante who is one of two siblings that the couple raised wants to go to CalArts to study contrary to what his father wants him to be, a doctor.
Ben, thinks that he can be better than everybody else, He hangs out with white boys and doesn't like all the filipino culture going around their household, Until he was at his sister's Debutant Ball.
Ben sneaked out of the party to join his white friends and leave his family for some other party. Everything was going really well until this game that they are playing turns agains him. One of the party guests Identified him as a "chink".
He ran out of the party strugling from the party people dancing in the living room. (this kinda symbolized that he was strugling to get out of the mess that he was in)
Ben then returned to his sister's party and caught his father dedicating a song to his mom and sister. He found out through his uncle that his father was also an artist way back in the Philippines.
His dad and mom decided to move to the US to give them better lives but the consequence was to leave their passion of the arts behind.
When I watch this movie, I thought that when I move to Canada or the US for good, it is a possibility that my lineag would disappear in time. I mean the possibility of my sons and daughters marrying a different race until their sons and daugthers and their son's and duaghter's sons and daughters marry until the Filipino blood within them becomes a fraction of a morsel.
I was also touched by the fact that Ben's parents did everything that they could so that they could give their children a better life. Much like what I wanna do for my kids. though there not much of a art career that i have here in the Philippines. But the thing is, I cant really be into arts due to financial reasons.
When I was in college, I applied at this school where at that time, they were the only one who offers Filmology as a course. But then again I landed at the waiting list because I was not aware that it is a quota course and I didn't made the cut.
Now that I have a job that pays decently, I still cant afford to pursue my dreams. I have a lot of things to take care of. That is the reason also why I need to go to abroad and work so that I could finally settle those things and start living my life.
But to think about it, is it the only solution to the problems that we Filipinos have. Or is it just a good excuse to live a better life. Most people say that it is difficult to live in the United States. You would not have the chance to live a life at all and all that would have to do is just to work. But here in the Philippines I live the same life, I just work and not have so much fun, come to think about it, the only difference is that I work here and get paid decently (meaning I dont get to afford to buy a car and just pay my bills) but in the US I get to work hard and get paid better (I get to buy a car, house and still have some time off to spend those mooolah!).

Well I guess it is both, it is a good excuse and a good solution. like as Mr. Joey Tribianni said "I didn't ask for the solution to this problem to be this great!"

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