There comes a time when you feel so lonely, here it goes again for me.

Sometimes I think that this blog has been taking the beating of my emotions too much, that it does not have a fair share of happy thoughts. But then again, I thank this blog for being there to listen.

There may not be so many or any one replying or commenting to my posts but I know that the world is listening and that is enough for me.

The hardest part of being lonely is being at the middle of a crowd but still feel the same. The people you thought that are your friends are not there any more.

I was talking to an old friend of mine and realized that most of my friends are just reunion friends. I mean nothing bad about that. But it seems like you have them as friends because you see each other. But when you part ways because they move on professionally you don't get to see them any more.

I miss my college friends the ones that I have way back in Bulacan. I just remember having the best of friends that you can have during college days, ironic isn't it? Ironic that you usually have your best friends from highschool. Though I have a best friend from highschool, I haven't seen her so much for the last couple of years because she got married a few years back, and it has been difficult to get our schedule jive now.

I just hope that I could get those kinds of friends again, not that I dont like the friends that I havce now, but its just that I miss those kind of.

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