5 Years

5 years have past since we have joined the company that has changed our lives.

The last five years has been very colorful for me with the company that I am keeping. I have experienced joy, sorrow, pain, ecstasy, laughed and cried.

The company that I am keeping has been part of my life for the longest time that I can remember compared to the others that I have been with.

They say that most people in the call center industry just come and go. But I think that if you get to be with the right company that should not be the case. I should know.

But then again if you are a kind of person that would want to continually grow, sometimes you would have to go outside of your comfort zone or maybe the company that you keep.

I'd like to congratulate the people that has been with me and the people that has been part of my life for the last half a decade.

I truly feel that I have been blessed to have met you and I only pray for more success to all of us.

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