Techie Mom

Today, my mom asked me how to sign up for multiply so that she could make a site for her organization, Valenzuela Persons with Disabilities Federation Inc. It is a nice thing that my mom is very much open to new technology and that she wants to learn how things work.

I taught her how to sign up and showed her how to post things online. But of course since she is not getting any younger she tends to use her "where is that thing" techniques so that she could get things done much faster.

But I thought that how is she going to learn if I am just to give in on her every request. She wouldn't learn if I just do the things for her.

But at least she is not afraid to new things in fact she loves it.

Anyways I will continue to help her build the site so that she could help more people with disabilities.

I would also like t commend her in her effort to raise social awareness about the rights of disabled people through programs like the one that just concluded held at SM Valenzuela titled: Valenzuela People with These-Abilities.

So if your parents ask things about how new things work, be glad that just means they are keeping an open mind about things and that they'd still would want to learn.

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