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Good Bye Tita Cory.....

I woke up about 4:30 this morning, I can still fell my gum hurting because of the stitches it has due to the extraction I had from yesterday. I decided to open up my laptop and visit the social networking sites and update my self.

After a while I got bored since there was not much happening since most of my friends are still at work. So I decided to open the television to watch and that is when I learned about Tita Cory's passing.

Reports say that about 3:18 Tita Cory passed away due to Cardio Respiratory Arrest. Between 4-5 in the morning Noynoy came out of the hospital and confirmed that his mother has passed away.

Tita Cory has led the country to freedom from the past administration. She has inspired a lot of people to move and do something for the country. She is a perfect example of a leader for me. During the times when her husband was fighting for us she was always there supporting her husband and taking good care of her children. When Ninoy was killed she moved from the backdrop of the story to the lime light, even though she did not knew so much about politics what she new was she loves her country and that she will do everything for it.

During her term she was able to bring back democracy. She brought companies back to their righteous owners. She ordered that we should have a constitution that will empower people. during her time, people felt loved and cared for even though there was a lot of bad things happening, blackouts, water shortage arm revelries, but she withstood it and fought back to defend the freedom that we have.

She never stopped helping people through her personal capabilities. She helped communities and cooperatives by tying them together with private institutions to help them develop their members.

Tita Cory relinquished her post just right after her term. She did not show any ambition to stay in power. In fact she had chosen to ride a simple car instead of having a luxury car bring her home which any way was part of her privilege for being a former president. It was her joy that she was able to transfer the power to another one.It is her sense of accomplishment.

I hope that the current administration would learn from what Tita has taught us. I hope that they will not manipulatee and use their powers just stay at their position. I hope that they will use their vague statements that they recently gave and trick us. I hope that we all have learned what Tita Cory had taught us.

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