woke up alone in my bed still longing for your warm arms to hold me tight through the night
I still remember the way that looked at me and smile the first time i saw you
the days we spent away from the crowd is hard not to reminise the good times that we shared the laughters that we laughed together still runs in my mind

but then again I'd wake up from these dreams that you are still mine realizing that you're now far away from me being held by another's arms and not mine
oh how Id wish I was there to hold you near my heart

situations changed you chose to walk away and I stand here in the rain alone with a broken heart but nobody notices that tears fall down my eyes because the rain is so damn hard

we chose to be silent, silently let our hearts bleed wiping the mess so that no one would see how our hearts are so broken apart. should I go or should I wait either way its going to be painful.

I cannot teach my heart not to love you because to forget you is to forget how to breath and live again. I have built my life and dreams around you now where should I go?

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