US Trip Series: The Miracle

Years ago I started another blog to tell the story of my trip to the United States. However I got so tied up with work back then so I wasn't able to finish the story.

Now, I will attempt to complete the story that changed my views in life and where I got to own my first camera. So let me begin on how it all started......

The Miracle

It was just another ordinary day. My shift was almost done, suddenly the phone rang. I answered with our company's standard greeting and learned that our client was on the other end of the line. 

She was asking for some reports sent to her by the end of our shift but I couldn't resist in asking her something that has been bothering me for quite sometime already. There has been a series of emails from her asking details about the nearest airport from where I was. I was on the thinking that she would be coming over to observe us on how we do our jobs.

So I mustered all the courage that I have and casually asked her "So when are you coming over?". She laughed a bit and answered back with a question, "didn't Mike tell you anything?". At that point I was kind o f confused on the situation since nothing has been said to us by our Client Director, Mike.

After a while, I was able to convince her to tell what was really going on. I could never forget the words that she uttered over the phone that day, in revelation she said "I'm not going there, you are going here". Suddenly there was silence, I couldn't say a single word. In my speechlessness she asked me "Ian, are ok?" I replied with a confused "yes!" she asked me again if I am still able to send the reports that she was asking me and I can only say yes.

The conversation ended and as I put down the phone I couldn't hold my emotions anymore. I was shouting for joy. But the question is how am I suppose to get there if I don't have any visa, which processing takes months to finish.

To process my visa they (our client) sent a letter of invitation/support stating their need for me to get there in California for training. The date? about a week's time! We were all worried that I couldn't get a visa because the normal processing really takes time. Thank God He made it all happen. So here's the time line of how it all happened.

The following events happened in Manila time:

March 11, 2006 Saturday Client called in and was told that I will be flying the following saturday to California
March 13, 2006 Monday Scheduled an interview at US Embassy;
                            had to renegotiate for emergency purposes
March 15, 2006 Interview at the US Embassy
March 17, 2006 Courier delivered my visa at the office
March 18, 2006 flew to the United States

Amazing how God moved on this event in my life. I never thought that I could get to the US for free.  Truly God makes a way when there seems to be no way as the song would say.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your US visa practically fell on your lap! That's indeed a miracle. Mali si Ate Guy. Merong HIMALA!!!

This is an interesting story. Aabangan ko ang mga susunod na kabanata! :)

ian said...

AJ - tnx... sana talaga matapos ko itong series na ito na nang magkaclosure na ako... hahaha closure talaga from a trip... hahaha