Baguio International Arts Festival Weekend (Part 1)

It was a blessed morning, I woke up ate breakfast and my mom asked me the best question she ever asked  me "I'm leaving for Baguio this afternoon you want to join?" of course I said Yes!

We left our house by lunch to meet up with her friend Choi who generously provided our transportation. They are actually on a business trip to present to prospective client at the city of pines. It was a long drive ahead of us and our car kept on over heating because of some air conditioning or electrical problem so we had to stop several times at gasoline stations.
On the way up to Baguio as the sun sets.

It took us about five hours and I must admire Choi for his stamina in driving such long distance. The sun was already setting and we were still on the road. I can see the beautiful Sun on my left as it prepares to set for the day.

It was dark already when we arrived in Baguio, we were all starving from the trip so we decided to drop by Jollibee which was right across Burnharm Park.

After ordering take out food, we went to look for a hotel. The first hotel that we inquired was fully booked so  they decided to just go to the same hotel that they checked in the last time they were in Baguio.

every one was really tired so their plans of going around the city was abandoned. But I needed to charge my phone, unfortunately I accidentally left my charger in Manila. So I decided to take a walk to the nearest convenience store, The night was really cold that day but I didn't feel it at all with the 20 minute hike up hill from our hotel to the convenience store. The store was really near (when it comes to distance) but the uphill climb made it difficult so I had to stop from time to time just to catch my breath.
On my way up hill to a convenience store... the hill looks like it has fireflies on it.

finally I arrived at 7-11 so I charged my phone bought cigs, food and some drinks. Once my phone was fully charged I walked back to our hotel for just about 5-10 minutes, downhill. I stayed a little longer outside the hotel to breath some fresh air. The Hotel was a bit far from session road so the air is much cleaner.

While I was at the garden my friend's mom, Choi went out side too to smoke. We talked about so many things and I found out that he is a widely traveled person. I also discovered that the reason why he navigated the roads to Baguio easily was because of the fact that he usually travels to different provinces by car for his job. At around 3AM we decided to call it a night after chatting.


gaye emami said...

Argh! I miss Baguio :(

ian dela pena said...

me too.... nagcrave ako ng halaya from good shepherd habang ginagawa ko ito... hahaha.... tapos samahan pa ng hot choco habang kinakain sa burnham park.... hehehehe