Laguna Church Series: Saint James the Apostle Church

The Artisan's Church: Saint James the Apostle Church
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Located in the town of Paete in Laguna, a town known for its people's talent in carving, the church's facade will welcome you with its intricate desgin carved by the town's locals.

The church was built on 1846 after Fr. Juan de Palesencia established a friary in 1580. However on 1880, the church that was built by Rev. Francisco de la Fuente in 1717 which was known to be much stronger was destroyed by an earthquake on 1880. Church reconstruction was led by Rev. Pedro Galiano where it was filled with Centuries old paintings and wooden images. Then again, on 1937 the church was again destroyed by an earthquake but was rebuilt from then on.

A special point of interest in this church are the San Cristobal paintings of Jose Luciano Dans. There are actually two paintings. The first one that Dans did was a San Cristobal with distinctively Filipino features. However the parish priest was not happy with what have Dans done. He then Instructed Dans to paint another one on wood and was placed on top of the first. All those times the people of Paete knew that there was only one painting until recently when they tried clean the second version's back was when the discovery made.

Artists' Haven

True to its reputation the church houses images of saints made by locals where you can see the exquisiteness of their works.

Santo Entiero

The images are truly works of art. Some of them even has mechanisms that would make the its body parts move. One of the images can even have its eyes suddenly close to dramatize Christ's death on the cross, Joel Aldor of Illuminati Tours tells us
Mater Dolorosa
You can even see lots of craft shops lined along a promenade leading to the church displaying both religious and functional items for homes.

Throughout the years, the church and the community has grown together in harmony making each other a part of daily living. 


AJ said...

Your images of religious images are uh-mazing, Ian! You make these statues come alive. Even the tears of the weeping Madonna look strikingly vivid.

ian_delapena said...

thank you AJ! and I'm patiently waiting for your next post! =)

virgo itinerary said...

ganda ng simbahan, tourists from other asian countries should visit our old churches kasi tayo lang meron nyan on this side of the globe,karamihan buddhist temples.gaano ba kalayo paete from manila

ian_delapena said...

di ko lang sure kung gaano cia kalayo sa infanta kase kame una galing tapos tsaka namin tinour ung laguna.... I agree maganda nga gawing tour yan at imarket sa ibang asian countries... I mean lahat sila may temple tayo lang talaga concentrated sa churches... =)