The Story of the Seagull

Just came back from church to hear mass here Baliuag, Bulacan. The priest's homily was knowing who you really are, he told a story about a seagull a bird known of flying so high above the waters of the sea. 

the story goes like this. There was this seagull who lived with chickens in a farm near the sea with chickens around him as he was an orphan. Growing up the seagull thought that he is also a chicken and as he look up the sky and look at the birds flying high he was wishing that he could also fly as high as those birds. The seagull died and did not knew how it feels to fly so high thinking that he is also a chicken.

The priest said that to be able to move forward, we need to look into our selves. We need to know who we really are because without knowing it, we just like the seagull could die not fulfilling our dreams and exploiting our potentials.

Then I thought that I am lucky since I know what I want to do in life as there are other people who just do what they need and would just settle for something less than what makes them happy and I thank traveling for that. It has made me understand who I am as a person and what I want to do in life.

I believe that more than understanding the world around you, traveling makes you discover more of your self, you develop the right personality and be emotionally stronger at the same time.

On the other hand I was thinking, yeah I know what I want but I can't do it because of things that matters too. But I realized that I should take these as challenges in my life and that I should over come these challenges to fulfill my God's plan and purpose for me. As I have said to my friend while talking about business and where do we want to take it, "life and death is at the tip of your tongue" what more with business if we say that it will be successful it will! 

I believe and I claim that one day sooner that I expect I will become who I should be.


AJ said...

Thanks for sharing this inspiring homily, Idol and Father Ian. :) Suerte mo you know what you wanna be at a young (oh db?) age. In my case, I was in my 30s na when I found out. Pero thankful pa rin - better late than never.

This post reminds me of that Skyline Pigeon song, kahit seagull itey. :))

ian said...

Manager, thanks sa pagcomment.... sira yung disqus ko yung comment mo pala ayaw lumabas tinangal ko muna =(

Anonymous said...

You deleted my comment? Sadness.

ian_delapena said...

manager, oks na... it was malfunctioning it was not showing the new comments so i had to make a new account and re-install everything.... i didn't delete your comment noh.... baka bangasan mo pa ako hehehehe

iam dp said...


Batang Lakwatsero said...

angganda naman nung message nung homily.. na-miss ko tuloy mag-misa.

Nortehanon said...

Now I'm thinking, how many young men like you go to church, hear Mass, listen to the homily and actually reflect on it like you did? Kaya saludo ako sa 'yo, iho ;)