Growing Up

I have been contemplating long enough  if I shouold diversify or centralize my blog so after a few months and the opportunity to  buy a new domain and pay for hosting services, I grabbed the opportunity and signed up for the services.

For two weeks I searched far and wide throughout the immeasurable horizon of the internet  to find the perfect theme or at least something that would satisfy my needs. Oh yeah did I mention its gonna be running with a wordpress engine? oh yeah! I am that brave! lolz!

I began practicing with wordpress a few months back and I was not really satisfied because it was kind of difficult and I feel a bit restricted with the layout compared to blogger. But friends told me that it is much better than blogger. Anyways my decision to finally go with wordpress was the fact that I wanted to host my own site which I could not do with blogger, however I still lover blogger more than wordpress, at least for now =)

So I now have my domain, signed up for a year's worth hosting service I'm ready to build my site. After about two weeks on working on things including my first post, my new site was born. With that I'd like to introduce to all of you my newest baby,

From now on this will be my blog focusing on my travels. As of now it only has a couple of posts but i can't wait to have it grow into a site where people can share their experiences too.

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Batang Lakwatsero said...

wow.. excited na ako makita ang! woohoo

ian dela pena said...

Thanks Ivan!

Bonz [Con Tour] said...

congrats Ian. At least halos sabay ang new domain site natin. hahaha. Congrats pala for the new photography graduates :-).