The Best Way To Learn English

As I grew up my parents instilled to me the importance of learning how to speak English. I grew up knowing that it is to my advantage as English is the international language that is most accepted in most foreign countries as a second language and much more importantly as a business language.

For someone who grew up in a country with where English is a second language a lot of factors helped me in  developing my skills in speaking English. 

The leading language institution in the world, Kaplan International Colleges, recently released this infografic about learning English which I could not agree more than anyone else that these are the best ways on How To Learn English. 

I have been traveling for quite some time now and I would say that I actually learned a lot when I traveled to the United States and speak to native English speakers. It gave me a boost in my confidence and sounded more conversational.

Looking at the second part of the Infografic a had a good laugh as memories came back when I saw that just like me a lot of people got their English skills enhanced by watching one of my favorite sitcoms, Friends! Oh! how could I not stick to the TV? They were so hilarious! I guess the Infografic below really is a spot on in saying that it sparked for some to desire to travel to the U.S. because it did to me.

Though a lot of people would also say that games and comic books helped them in improving their English skills, I would say that the only one that cuts across all boundaries is Music.

Music no matter what your mother tongue is, would get into your soul and touch you. No wonder that most people say that it is Bob Marley that influenced them most in learning English when it comes to music as Bob's songs are from the heart.

How about you what do you think is the best way to Learn English?

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