Your Cowardliness Messes Other People's Lives

After a seven year stint managing accounts I decided to lie low and put up a business (which later on had to take a backseat and slow down. ). In between shoots I took a job as a CSR to learn more about the Inbound part of the call center industry.

For the past few days I have applying for a management job in the BPO industry and I prefer to walk in for these job applications as they are faster. Unfortunately, I encountered this certain BPO with ethics that I don't know what word I would use.

I came to their office around 11:30 because as stated in their advertisement that cut off for application is by 12:00 PM, to my surprise the nice lady told me that they only conduct interviews until 11:00 AM. I should have taken that as a warning, well I guess I did. The lady told me that they will let me know what time I should come in for my interview.

The whole day passed and  no message was received.

The following day I decided to just drop by their office I rang the bell and the nice lady told me that "Her boss is the one that decides who gets to be invited for an interview and that if I did not receive a call or text message it could be either her boss is too busy or I was not qualified.

I was saying inside my head that "Wow! I wouldn't be hurt if I don't get accepted at this company, with that kind of etiquette, I wouldn't wanna be in."

The "Don't call us we'll call you" line is no longer used. The trend and the right thing to do is to let your applicants know whether they pass or not. Come to think about it, the don't call us we'll call you statement says a lot instead of just telling your applicant well call you later. right?

I was starting to get frustrated that time. I mean why not put on your advertisement that FULL and REAL DETAILS and stop messing everybody's time and yes I knew something was coming.

The lady came back inside the small office and told me to take a seat. After a while she came out again and had a look as if there is something that she needs to tell me but is having a hard time on finding a way on how to break the news to me.

I stood up and looked her in the face, finally she was able to blurt it out my boss says that you are not qualified because your past two jobs are just of a CSR, of course I reacted but in a mellow way. I told the nice lady "That is find I just thought that seven years of management experience is enough. Thinking that I might feel better she told me further that I am qualified as a Quality Associate but the position has already been filled up, I replied smiling "No problem ma'am it's okay because I don't want that position anyway I am looking for something in the operations department"

Common! Letting me know there is a position that I qualified but it is no longer available? It doesn't make sense at all, why mention it?

For seven years of working in the management side of the business I was tasked so many difficult things including interviewing people for the job and yes I am the one that tells them if they passed or not. Not just that I also terminate people face to face. So I don't find it logical for someone to tell an applicant lies.

Being offered something lower than what I am applying for was something big, parang gusto kong manapak nung mga oras na yun. I doubt that the manager even read my qualifications. Now I am not gonna brag about my credentials and achievements here, all I know now is that they lost someone really good.

Now reading this some may think that I feel bad. Well yes I feel bad but not because I didn't get accepted but because of the hassle that it has caused me. We need to learn how to respect other people's time. I could have spent the time going to other offices instead of waiting for them to have the courage to tell me that I didn't qualify.

Well I guess that's about it.

To the call center HR Managers out there reading this, PLEASE LANG HUWAG TULARAN ANG KUMPANYANG ITO.


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