The First Post That I Lost

I primarily blog because I want to be able to go back to something and see, in this case read about my past, what have I done and what have I experienced. I thought of doing this because I have a very bad memory and I think that I might forget about a lot of things in the future as I get old.

Today, I was writing about a trip and I wanted to link another post about climbing mountains. So I tried to locate the said post about my "near death" experience of climbing my first mountain. I kept on hitting the search button and finally I found a post that has a link to the said post. I clicked on the link and there it was the link is dead. I can't find the post! it is gone! : (

I felt like something important was taken from me, I felt incomplete and I need to find it. I feel really sad.

But there's also this feeling that I have to let go, I can't and I don't want to write about it again because I pour out my emotions on those posts. and that I can't replicate.

right now, I am still thinking about what to do next, but I have lost the drive to finish that post that I was writing as it reminds me of that missing post.

help me... let me know of any suggestion of what you do if lost something, how do you get over it?

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