Day 0 My Turning Point

Turning Point

Day 0
Current Weight: 95 Kilos

Tonight I feast on carbs and sugar, as tonight I have decided my turning point with my weight.

Last time that I checked I weigh around 90 kilos and that was a couple of months ago. As I watched extreme weight loss earlier it motivated me to be serious about losing the gut. I've tried to go to the gym for about three months and I lost about 5 kilos in total. Eventually I late focus because of a super busy work schedule.

So here I am now finally taking a stand. I am going to lose those extra pound within the next 6 months.

I will try to go on to diet first to lose a little weight before I go on a more rigid exercise routine and here's what my diet for the next 10 days is going to be. It's time for DETOXIFICATION

Here are my things for my Master Cleanse detox.....

Wish Me Luck!

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