Figuring things out

Just turned 23 this year. But something still is missing. I've got my whole life figured out and I know what I want to be in 10 years from now....... or do I really? Lets see.
Here's my life plan so far:
In a year's time I should be done with my LPN studies. After that I should start reviewing for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and Once I'm done with my IELTS, I'll start studying for NCLEX (National Council for Licensing Examination) Once I'm done with all of that which would take about one and a half years I need to start securing for an employer in the Los Angeles. As soon as I get an employer I'll be processing my VISA which would take for about a year and then I'll Fly to the U.S.
As soon as I get settled in the United States I and My Baby Rox should work hard enough so we could send some money over our families here in the Philippines. Rox's goal is for her Family to secure their own house here in Manila then another house for her family there in L.A. . As for me I need to generate enough funds for my family's debt to get paid off and then have our house in Valenzuela renovated.
Once all of those are done I and my Baby could now marry and have KIDS!!! wow :D well when i get married I want to buy a beach property where i could put up a small hotel and buy a condo in manila.
I guess that's about it but for retirement.... I haven't made any plans just yet......
It sounds like I have it all planned out but i still feel that something is missing in my life maybe the fulfillment of my identity as an artist is the missing part that i am looking for. Well as of now I still have to figure it out.

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