No More Luck :(

Okay.. I haven't been able to blog a lot these past few months. The IT department just cut off the internet connection for browsing in the office. so all i've got for now is for YM. I dont really know on how i would go about blogging now that i dont have the internet connection in my pc. maybe i wont be blogging that much any more. I really enjoy sharing my thoughs to all of you and sharing my feelings. It makes me feel that some one out there would feel that they are not alone. I just hope that i could do something about this matter really soon.

by the way, I'm planning to buy a laptop computer, I saw one in StarMall and its not that expensive. Actually its just 18,000.00 pesos and its already a pentium III computer. i think thats a very good deal and it would help me blog a lot since i could hook it up on WiFi coz there's a Wi Fi Hot spot near the office. *cross fingers*

till my next encounter..... blogger

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