Saturday Shift

It's officially a Sunday! but I'm just starting with my saturday shift and I have all the time in the world to blog here in the office.

Yesterday, I was able to ran across an old lost friend. We talked about her life, what happened to her when she suddenly dissappeared from our place. Well, thank God I ran into her! I was so enlightened with what she shared. I suddenly realized what are the blessings that I have that other people just dream about. It also made me realize that I should work harder and be thankful of what I have right now.

That encounter also made me want to push my self to achieve my goals in life. To exert every effort that I could.

Earlier, Roxan called me up and told me that she's going to meet with the recruiter from Glendale in California. I was so excited to hear the news, because I was the one who found about the agency through the internet.

It was that one time when I was surfing the internet when I incidentally came across an ad. for an agency in Glendale. Well of course it caught my attention because it is near Roxan's Aunt's house in the US. So I gave the informtion to Roxan and she told about it to her father who is also in the states.

Then today as I said a while ago roxan had contacted the recruiter who inccidentally is here in the philippines for a couple of days. I think it is destiny for her to get intouch with the agency, it feels like everything was unplanned..... by man.... and planned....... by GOD :)

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