My account is currently not dialing because of some complaint from the head office of our client. It really doesn't make any sense if a customer compalaints because he says that he has been called, harashed for so many times and the records would show that he has been contacted just once and the rest of the calls were all non-contacts.

So as of the momment I am stuck doing nothing and I hate it..... or do I really hate it? Well Its okay I got to relax even before the Thanks Giving break.

I plan to wash my clothes (which is a lot) during thanks giving since we really dont celebrate the holiday here in the philippines. On friday I plan to go to Subic and see the beach.

It has been a year now since I have been to the beach and I am missing it a lot! I can't imagine how can I survive without seeing it at least once every year. Its not the vacation that I am after to but what I have been longing for is the atmosphere of relaxation. Last September I and Rox went to baguio for her IELTS and of course to get some vacation. But unfortunately Baguio dissapointed us.

The place was like Manila with a slightly better weather. Its just a good thing that we didn't really went to baguio for vacation or else I'd be one sad boy!

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