Gloria Jeans Robinsons Galleria

Thought that it was going to be just another night of gimik..... But then we met up with some friends (very close friends) from the office... I just confirmed my intuition that one of us is going to resign again!

Hmmmm.. I just thank God that I am prepared for it!

It is so amazing that everything that happened in my life falls into place...

March last year I got to go to California for a business trip and it opened a lot of things in my head... but because of that I miss the opportunity to become a shift manager... I was bitter... well that was before... now I learned A lot

I have now refocused my self to other goals that I am working at... I am just so thankful to God that everything that has happened in my life has been very good.

I hope everything would work out for the best Batch 1!

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