Back up Plans

Hmmmm... Its the day for back up plans!

Ive been hearing a lot of things these past few days that some or a lot of people's going to resign this year or may be this month!

I just wanna thank God that he made back-up plans for me. I mean, I didn't have any before i went to the states......

My Trip to California was really an eye opener. If not for that trip I would be making ways to study.... if I didn't try to study I wouldn't have any back up plans.

At least now, when I new that he was to leave already I wasn't that much caught by surprise with out any plans or lost in the middle of nowhere.

thank GOD he is GOOD!

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dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

Just wondering why you need to migrate to new Blogger.
I was using Blogger even before Google bought it from Pyra Labs and since then didn't have much problem with it yet..
Good luck and blog on...