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I just migrated from the old blogspot to the new version that they had. I just dont like the thing that you have to creat a google account before you can proceed and the worst part is that you cannot stay with your old blog format.

But what can I do?

So now welcome to my new but still the same blog... I just made some improvement since I was on the mood of fixing things so i made my own background layout.

hmmm. actually there are a lot of things that happened since I last blogged.

My Classes has been on for a week and everything is looking good. Though It is a headache for me because this is a second course for me and I'm really not a fan of Anatomy though I love "Grey's Anatomy"

At Work everything is still the same.... I dont wanna elaborate so much about what that means.

At Home.... well I moved out of my parents house (Again) so that I could study and work at the ssame time... some people asks me.. How can you do that? well I guess if you really like something, your going to do everything.

On the Web.... I been surfing a lot these past few days and I came across a lot of interesting stuff

1. Happy Slip - She is the first you tuber that glued me on the monitor... she is so funny, yet you can still feel the warmth of her heart as she acts... It just so happens that she is a Filipina... Okay fine I admit! I'm biased!! hehehe what can I do she is looks fine wont you agree? so go on check this hot chic out at

Christine (yes she is a nurse!) (like my gf :D)
2. -I new about this site first in digital tour but I wasn't able to take note of it so I lost it. But one day while watching videos in youtube, I was searching for a show on a certain network and found about him. He was featured on that show and why he started his blog and the journey that he is taking right now. to know more about him log in at . his site was really good until he was forced (like me) to migrate to the new blogspot format.
Well that is for now I guess, by the way I think you tube should also be on the list since youtube is cause why I discovered these sites. Thank YT!

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