School's In Session

Last week (Monday), school officially started. and when I got home, I had a big head ache. It was like a machine that was stuck up for a long time and needed some oil to function again because it had been a long time already since i last went to schoo.

My subjects are pretty intense compared to a regular nursing school coz it was like a crash course. we had to discuss a lot of things in short period of time coz we had to be done in just about a year.

I'm pretty excited about it and I'm very positive on finishing the course before I fly to the states.

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Obi Macapuno said...

bro punta ka sa Template tab ng blogger mo. Tas sa loob ng kahon kung saan may mga codes hanapin mo yung "Posted by" na salita. Mas madali kung search mo na lang (pindutin mo CTRL+F, tas type mo yung "Posted by"). Pag nakita mo na yung phrase na yun, palitan mo na kung ano gusto mong ipalit na salita. Yun lang.