New Worksite, New Schoolsite

My Co-worker, Dyo approached me the other day and told me he was actually reading my blog from time to time.... Thanks so much Dyo Baculi!!!!

Tomorrow, I'll be taking another exam, a long one for my Med-Surg subject. The hard part about my subjects this semester is that it requires a lot of reading. I need to learn the different diseases, the medications and the interventions that I need to do.

Though its kind of tough, it is actually fun. I learn a lot every day and it really feels good.

What a coincidence that both my worksite and school would be transferring to a new location. My worksite would be transferring to the Meralco compound in pasig because the campaign that I am in is getting bigger.

As for my school, we will be transferring to a bigger site as well. Its going to be in the summit building along shaw boulevard. I heard that we needed to transfer site because TESDA required the school a certain floor area to be recognized as a school. Hope that studying would just get better since its going to be more conducive to learning.

I continue to struggle juggling work and study, though at times it takes a lot of sacrifice and at times frustrates me a lot to actually not get into the top of the class, I continue to hold on. This is what I wanted, to shift the paradaigm that I am into. To shift fromt he puddle of stress that I am into and get into, maybe not heaven but a clearer puddle of water.

I hope that I will survive this test. I only have two more semester to finish the course and then go to a review school to finish everything. I will stand still and will make it through the rain.

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