Turn Around

It has been quite some time since I last posted something here and updated all of my unloyal readers..... lolz..... just joking..... its just that I see so many people checking my page but no body leaves a message.... I wonder why.
Okay, my invisible friends, here is my update on my life. The last time that I posted something, I was in some kind of a crisis. I was confused on what will happen to me after my old campaign. Well, here's the verdict. I am now with the campaign that I started with, PC002 the old MSMB2B campaign is still standing but has been maked over.
I have been strugling ever since that I had been transferred. The parameters are kind of tricky and stiff and I having trouble coping with it. my team's validation has been kinda okay compared to other teams but the management still isn't satisfied with it.
The team that I was given has been fine and they have been working independently and I am so proud of that. I want to make my people to be responsible of their own actions be more matured, that is the team that I would like to have.
The schedule is very awful. At least for me. I need to be at the office by 9:45 hit lunch by 2:45 AM and I am off by 6:45 meaning I may go home but i actually cant go home. I have to make lots of reports or "reports" to cut the story short I go home about 8 AM.
What actually is awful about the schedule is that I have to actually be home asap after work to sleep, coz that would be the only chance that I have to rest because I still have to go to school by 1PM.
School actually okay and I am on my second semester that would be the last sem with subjects. they say that afer this semester we will be on a review type of class plus we'll be deployed in a hospital.
I actually am stressed right now because of the pressure that I am on but I hope that I would survive this to the end.

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